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5 Best Walleye Jigging Rods for The Ultimate Walleye Fishing Experience!

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Fishing Rods are the first priority whenever you decide to go fishing, aren’t they? Pair that with fishing for the jovial Walleye and we’ll get the perfect recipe for a successful fishing trip.

Jigging Rods go very well with Walleye fishing. One simple reason for that is that the short build and quick-action oriented qualities of Jigging Rods go very well with Walleye fishing. Walleyes don’t take the bait in one quick go, they will rather take their sweet time nibbling on it. This makes the extreme sensitivity of Jigging rods a crucial factor for new as well as experienced Anglers.

Walleye fishing with Jigging Rods gives enough room for beginners as well as experienced anglers to play around and have a jolly great time even as they provide a competent system for serious fishermen to catch their ideal Walleye. 

Keep an eye out for size and specifics of Jigging Rods before you decide which one suits you. To make this process easier, here’s a detailed list of 5 Best Walleye Jigging Rods in the market for Walleye fishing.

Ugly Stik Tiger Elite Jig Spinning Fishing Rod

best walleye jigging rods

Ugly Stik has been a trusted manufacturer of Fishing Rods over the past few years. Its Tiger Elite range is an exclusive line of showstopping fishing rods. Amongst them the Tiger Elite Jig Spinning Rod is a top recommendation if you want to go for Walleye fishing.

Ugly Stik Tiger Elite Jig Spinning Fishing Rod is an eye-catching rod especially tailored for big fishes like Trout and Walleye. It covers the size and style of a 5’8″ rod. The rod gives a much lighter action than other rods but at the same time the power associated is comparatively heavier. It is also ideal for bottom fishing. 

Built out of tough, lightweight graphite the rod is quite easy to handle and maintain. At the same time it is incredibly sensitive and packs in the versatile nature of strong pulls. The EVA handles attached to this rod are proportional in length and size to ensure a well-formed firm grip through padded stainless steel hoods. 

The knockout factor for me was its strong grip and lightweight form. Another personal highlight is the easy hold and maintenance of this rod which, in my opinion, is great for couch sloths like myself.


  • Ugly Stik’s Rod is perfect for bottom fishing in deep waters and jigging Walleyes.
  • There is a huge amount of power in this one rod. Simultaneously it’s also lightweight and sensitive to the anglers.
  • It is definitely a rod which justifies the value to its price.
  • Even if you accidentally overload the rod, it’ll take the brunt without breaking. 


  • This rod comes with a high risk of falling apart.
  • There have been reports in variation of quality of the rods provided by Ugly Stik over time.


This Rod gives a surety of value for money. It is an exceptional rod for those looking to fish at a planned budget.

KastKing Royale Legend Fishing Rods

KastKing has quite a reputation for building the best fishing equipment and it doesn’t disappoint with its fishing rods.

KastKing Royale Legend Fishing Rods are made out of lightweight graphite material. The weight of the fishing line measures up to 10-17 lbs while the length ranges between 6’6″ and 7’3″. This size makes the rod great for Jigging and Walleye fishing

This rod also features Fuji fishing line guides which are already the best of best according to fishing standards. The 24-ton carbon matrix that this rod packs, helps in delivering a standout performance without damaging the rod. 

The amazing Power Transition System and optimum casting distance of the rod make it an absolute winner.

When you hear the word Fuji, you automatically associate it with quality so it’s definitely an ideal deal for anglers looking to expand their skillset. 


  • This rod by KastKing Royale promises quality and delivers it.
  • The construction of this rod is pretty good.
  • Graphite makes it a great lightweight rod.
  • Durability is a major win for this rod.
  • The grip and hold that comes with the rod is easy and comfy for your arms.


  • If you’re just starting out then this might not be the best rod for you.
  • Some Anglers have reported an instant snap in the rod while fishing.
  • This rod is not as sensitive as other rods.


While this rod doesn’t feature anything extraordinary, it’s still a good rod within the price range it offers. It is a well constructed rod which will not drown out your savings.

Fenwicks Elite Tech Walleye Fishing Rod

Fenwicks came out with its Elite Tech Fishing Rod with a focus on Walleye fishing. This super-specific approach made Walleye fishing easier for all kinds of Anglers.

The size of Fenwicks Elite Tech Walleye Fishing Rod is a whooping 6’6″ which is ideal for Walleye fishing. The best feature, in my opinion, as well as the overwhelming response of anglers from all walks of life, is the ultra sensitivity of the rod. How does it manage that? The tip sections are tailored to be at two settings, aka, fast and super fast which means that when you wield the rod you will be able to feel all the sensations and joys of capturing the Walleye. 

Another incredible factor is that this rod is designed specifically for Walleye fishing so the anglers find it easier to catch walleye fishes. The hidden handle design of the reel offers a smooth pull while the rod remains light and refined. 

This rod also comes with Titanium frame guides that facilitate a sturdy construction. The solid grip associated to this rod is just one of the several reasons why it is great for fishing.

The rod’s sensitivity and its focus on Walleye fishing is what makes it my favorite rod in the market.


  • As this rod is ideally focused on Walleyes, it is the best option for Walleye fishing.
  • The quality of build is pretty good and the rod in itself is well constructed.
  • The key feature here is extra sensitivity provided by the rod so that the anglers can feel the push and pull that comes along-with fishing.
  • This rod, despite its amazing features, comes at a very affordable price.


  • There have been repeated reports of customers receiving broken rods.
  • Customers also complain about receiving Rods that do not have a rod tip.


While the construction of this rod is great, the rod in itself sits somewhere in the middle of the hierarchy of fishing rods. I think it would be appropriate to mention that this rod will be a good choice for newbies in the world of fishing.

Cadence Spinning Rod

Cadence Spinning Rod is one of the strongest competitors to well-established brands like KastKing and Ugly Stik. It gives its own spin to being an ideal Jigging rod for Walleye fishing. 

It is constructed from the blanks of 30-ton carbon which gives it a hefty look and build. Despite this factor, the rod in itself is quite light in weight. This rod comes in a variety of lengths from 5’6″ to 7′. It also features two types of handles, a split and a full grip. 

SiC guides are the highlight of this rod. Another winning factor is the comfy and competent Fuji reel seat that the rod contains. So what makes it Ideal for Walleyes? It is amongst the best rods for freshwater fish like Bass and Walleye along-with coastal fishes like snook and black drum.

While Cadence Spinning Rod is great for lots of fishes, the jigging factor makes it an ideal choice for Walleyes.


  • The rod is light in weight and does not have a complicated structure.
  • The 30-Ton Carbon Fiber ensures a supreme quality rod.
  • Standard materials are used for construction of the rod.
  • The glide and pull of the rod is smooth yet powerful.
  • It is easy on the arms and comes at a pocket friendly price.


  • The Rod might start loosening up after some time.
  • It might also twist in on itself while casting the rod.
  • Some people have reported the rods breaking after using them for a few times.


This rod is definitely the best for its stupendously cheap price but it also requires some tender care and nurturing. Don’t toss it in storage alongwith thousand other things and you will be fine.

Ugly Stik GX2 Casting Rod

Since Ugly Stik has a proven record for manufacturing the best fishing gears and is amongst the best rods’ manufacturers in the country according to me, it would only be appropriate to start and end the list with Ugly Stik Rods. 

While there are lots of differences between the Tiger Elite range and the GX2 casting rod the major difference is that Ugly Stik’s GX2 Casting Rod has a very slim and sleek build. It is lightweight yet very strong in its structure and constructs. It comes in the size range between 7′ to 7’6″. 

While almost all the previous rods were focused solely on graphite as their core material for the rod, the GX2 casting rod focuses on a varied combination of graphite paired with fiberglass. This makes the rod robust yet long lasting. This particular combination also offers a great amount of sensitivity to the anglers so that they can feel all of the fishing experience.

While this rod has a bigger handle as compared to other rods, the big plus of it is that the casting distance increases majorly. 

Again, this is an absolute favorite for me, ironically because of the bigger handle. It ensures a flexible and easy grip on the rod.


  • Anglers from different phases of life and fishing experience can use and enjoy this rod.
  • It is a time-tested and trustworthy rod.
  • The construction quality of this rod is admirable.
  • It offers a better reel seat than most of the other rods.
  • This is a full-on smashing rod for beginners.


  • When you compare this rod to other rods, you will find that it is not as lightweight as some other Rods.
  • These rods can break pretty quickly when they fall into the wrong hands.


Overall, this rod is perfect for beginners and mid-level anglers but Pro-level anglers will not find this rod suitable to their needs. Even the Pro-Level anglers might enjoy it if they like fishing under the specifications that this rod features.


Fishing trips are filled with joy and laughter coupled with some quiet peace. At the same time they can also be incredibly frustrating if the rod you select is incompetent or doesn’t sit with your style. It is therefore important to select a rod that fits you. 

Walleye Fishing can be challenging yet thrilling for anglers if it is done right. The best thing? You do not have to be an expert, you just have to know yourself and your fishing rod.

Jigging Rods are fun to play around with and probably amongst the best if you want to go Walleye fishing. While Walleyes are a tricky fish, they respond to right triggers and a quick-pull rod. Freshwater Walleyes are found in abundance and easy to catch if you know the right casting technique and select optimal fishing equipments.

Read through the specifics carefully and only then select a rod that you think might be ideal for you. 

Stay safe and have fun!

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