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6 Best Swimbait Rods That Are Best Of The Best

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Planning to go for Swimbait lures? Did you know that the average length of swimbait lures ranges anywhere between 4 to 10 inches and the weight goes up to 8 to 10 ounces? In several cases, if you fail to choose an appropriate fishing rod, it will break apart in pieces and you will lose your fish. That’s why we have listed the best of the best swimbait rods down here.

When you picture swimbaits you automatically think about plastic trouts but bear in mind that there is a huge variety of swimbaits available in the market. The right swimbait, paired with the perfect rod will lay the foundations for a joyful fishing experience. 

Swimbait fishing considers various factors like length of the rod, weight of the Swimbaits, weight of the fishes you’re aiming for, the type of material that goes into building the rod and so many other things. The rods that focus on smaller lures will have a different set of features than the ones that focus on giant swimbaits. So keep an eye out for what you truly want to gain out of your Swimbait fishing rod and you will end up making the right purchase. 

Need a hand in choosing the right Swimbait rod for you? Here is a detailed list of 6 fishing rods that are proven to be amongst the best of best for Swimbait fishing.

Dobyns Champion Series Swimbait Rods

best swimbait rods

The Dobyns name is synonymous to quality and reliability in the fishing industry. Their rods are jam-packed with the right mix of quality and sensitivity. The Dobyns Champion Series Swimbait Rods are no exception. Pairing quality with compatibility, the champion series is a knockout in the world of Swimbait fishing.

The average rod size of the Champion Series is 8’0″ which is ideal for Swimbait casting.This rod is super strong and can handle all lure weights ranging from 3-10 oz. Added to this the 20-50 lb line which is rated for the rod, sets the ground for swimbait fishing. 

Champion Series Rods are heavy, fast action rods, customized for Swimbait fishing. The construction which results in solid graphite blanks gives the rod a great balance of  sensitivity and endurance.

The sic inserts coupled with guides that come straight from Kigan enhance the sensitivity and reliability of the rod by keeping it tangle free. These paired with Fuji’s reel seats made of pure graphite ensure a rapid paced, quick action oriented rod. Wondering if despite all of these features the rod will (literally) slip from your hand? The aa cork grip makes sure that it won’t!


  • This rod is specifically designed as a Swimbait rod so it just makes Swimbait fishing easier.
  • Unlike most rods that focus on a specific weight range for swimbaits, this rod can help you catch big and small fish by hooking different swimbaits to the rod. 
  • This rod comes with a fairly good amount of sensitivity. 
  • It’s a heavy, fast action inducing rod.
  • The Fuji reel seats in themselves are a hallmark of quality.


  • This rod is not suited for anglers accustomed to lightweight rods.
  • This rod is not a good choice for first timers.


This rod is a great all-around rod for a quality Swimbait fishing experience.

Loomis 12687-01 G E6X Swimbait Casting Rod

Loomis operates on the unofficial motto of providing quality at the best high tech features in the fishing industry. The Loomis 12687-01 G E6X Swimbait Casting Rod uses this very high tech quality, pairs it with ease in operating the rod and makes your fishing journey extraordinary.

This 7’4” rod is a moderately heavy, sleek and fast action fishing equipment. Designed to catch tiny fishes as well as giant sea beasts, this rod is the only rod that comes with a custom rolling table. In order to prevent breaks, the multi taper design ensures more material on specific points that might break and less material elsewhere. 

This rod also walks on the thin line that conjoins better execution and with ever-lasting quality. 

If you want to go for a versatile, all encompassing rod then this particular rod by Loomis might be a great choice.


  • This rod promises effective quality and an efficient fishing mechanism.
  • The standout factor of this rod is its custom rolling table which makes the handling of the rod much easier. 
  • It also takes preventive measures to ensure that the rod doesn’t break apart.
  • It’s a long-lasting and reliable option for anglers.


  • It is moderately heavy in usage.
  • It is also less sensitive than other rods.


The latest state-of-the-art E6X tech that goes into the making of this rod makes it one of the best rods for Swimbait fishing.

Okuma Guide Select Swimbait Rod

When it comes to the wide range of fishing gears, Okuma always makes it to the top spot. With consistency in quality and performance, Okuma rods withstand the test of time to give you a fishing trip that you will remember throughout your lifetime.

The Okuma Guide Select Swimbait Rod provides a solid basis for Swimbait fishing with its size range from 15-30 lb and length 7’11” feet to 20-40 lb, with the same height of 7’11”. The tip section of this rod has immense lifting power owing to the Unidirectional Fiber Reinforcement mechanism of the rod. It is a powerfully jam packed rod.

Okuma’s Swimbait rod is, overall, a medium fast action rod and can lift 2 to 5 ounces easily. If you’re looking for a brand that remains true to its name after lots of testing years then this rod is a good fit for you.


  • This rod comes with a notable amount of strength and heft.
  • It is a highly durable and sustainable rod.
  • It can carry weight easily and won’t hurt your arm.
  • This rod is great for its price range.
  • It works really well with Swimbaits of your choice. 


  • The rod tip might break after continual use of the rod. 
  • The rod might also snap in half in absence of proper care and maintenance.


The extremely affordable price range makes this rod a great catch for anglers from all walks of life.

Ardent Denny Brauer Swimbait Rod

The Ardent Denny Brauer Swimbait Rod is definitely proving the value of commitment to quality and the excellence that comes with precision. Known as one Denny Brauer’s personal best rods, this rod is excellent for Swimbait fishing.

This Heavy Action inducing, 7ft 6 inches rod is constructed with IM-8 graphite material which gives it the strength and resistance to be a classic Swimbait fishing rod. The Fuji line guides that are constructed out of aluminum oxide are an assurance of the quality check that goes down in the Ardent Denny Brauer’s rods. 

This rod packs in a unique cork split grip to ensure extra high levels of comfort to your fishing adventure. The icing on the cake is its limited 3 year warranty.

Quality assurance, reliability and sensitivity are the key aspects of this Swimbait fishing rod.


  • This rod is best suited for Swimbait fishing and casting methods.
  • The rod comes with a very affordable and attractive price. 
  • It sports a sleek, finished, modern look.
  • This rod provides a comfy grip.
  • It is a tried and tested Swimbait fishing rod.
  • As it matches the skills of all kinds of anglers, it appeals to every angler in some way or the other.


  • When you attempt to fish with anything bigger than 3/4 oz or 5 inches, you might find that this rod is not the best option for you.
  • It’s not great for larger swimbaits as there is always a risk of the rod snapping in half.


This rod is perfect for you if you prefer to fish with smaller swimbaits.

Okuma Sbx SBX-C-7111XH

Okuma churns out the best of best rods so I just had to include another Okuma rod in this list. Despite the similarities of both Okuma rods, you will find lots of differences in this one. 

The Okuma Sbx SBX-C-7111XH is a 7′ 11″ feet long fishing rod that is a sure bet for Swimbait fishing. The 24-Ton and 30-Ton carbon that goes into the construction of this rod makes it a highly sensitive and reactive rod. The Deep-Press Titanium of the ZEUSS Sea Guide system makes the actual frames 43% lighter than the other rods which utilize pure steel. The carbon fiber that is woven into the grip systems makes the hold of the rod incredibly comfy. 

The Fuji reel seats utilize trigger mechanisms to increase the sensitivity and effectiveness of this rod. These reel seats are made more comfortable by the carbon fiber foregrip of the rod. 

If I had to choose a comfy and primed rod for my fishing trip, this rod would definitely top the list. 


  • The phenomenal lifting power of this rod makes it thrice more capable than the other rods in the market.
  • It is comparatively lighter than the other rods.
  • This rod comes with a limited lifetime warranty period.
  • The carbon fiber grip system gives a comfy hold to the rod.


  • Some anglers complain that the rod breaks apart after intensive use.
  • The guide inserts need a little extra care.


This is a premium quality rod which ensures comfort for all kinds of anglers.

Daiwa LAG701MHFB

Daiwa is another household name when it comes to fishing gear. Its wide array of fishing rods certainly make it difficult to choose the best amongst the range but the selective Swimbait rods are a statement in themselves.

Daiwa LAG701MHFB is the best Swimbait rod manufactured by Daiwa. This 6’6″ rod is a medium heavy action rod packed with sensitivity and competence. The EVA grips are in the form of split foam which make the hold easier for the anglers. Unlike other rods, Daiwa’s rod combines IM-6 graphite with carbon to make a lightweight, sturdy construct for the rod. The steel reel seat adds in extra comfort to the rod.


  • This rod is comfortable and easy to use.
  • The flexibility of this rod is superior to lots of other rods.
  • It is definitely amongst the best rods that money can buy.
  • It is suitable for all kinds of different lures that can be hooked to the rod. 
  • This rod handles soft plastic swimbaits with added finesse.


  • Larger Swimbaits can be a bit problematic for this rod.
  • The rod bends over the time.
  • The rod tip and guides might go off-center.


This rod is great due to its affordable price and is suited best for medium range lures.


Swimbait fishing is a fun sport. There is a lot of selection that goes into choosing the right Swimbait lure for the right kind of fish. Rods are an integral aspect of this selection.

Keep the key features of the rod in mind, consider what kind of fish you want to capture and what kind of Swimbait will be required for that rish. Don’t be afraid to explore and shortlist what you think might be the best features for your ideal rod. After all, the choice to select your ideal Swimbait fishing rod is in your hands but quality is a sure promise in the rods mentioned in the list.

A rod that mixes up the best features, couples them with the ideal length required for Swimbait fishing and goes well with your ideal fish will definitely do wonders to your Swimbait fishing experience. 

So pick your Swimbait fishing gear and dive into the world of Swimbait fishing! 

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