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Because No Target Is Too Big 

As the target gets bigger, the specifications of the fishing reel also evolve. You require different sizes of reels for different sizes of targets. With the growing popularity of trophy fishing, swimbait fishing equipment has sprawled in the market. Anglers now opt for the best swimbait reels that are meant to handle and retrieve the burliest fish with the most ease. 

You require a swimbait reel to throw long and accurate casts for the fish of big size and efficient performance in the forthcoming battle. Remember that the lures used for swimbait fishing are larger than generally used baits, so these reels need to render an excellent smoothness and genuine capacity. 

There are so many reels in the market that you can keep looking forever. We don’t recommend you select your best reel by the way of hit and trial. We’ve reduced your hassle by bringing you the best swimbait reels in America. 

The Best Swimbait Reels for the Year 2022 

Shimano Tranx TRX300 Swimbait Reel 

Shimano Tranx has brought variety in an excellent performance. There are 300, 400, and 500 size models available that allow you to work efficiently for different sized targets. If you are up for long casts with large lures for really big fish, Shimano has the model 500 built specifically for you. The gear ratios of the 300 and 400 models vary and influence the type of fish they are built to catch. 

The models with a high speed of retrieval will have HG mentioned in their number while those that offer more torque will mention PG as annotation for power gear. Know that gears with high power are meant to handle fish that offer more resistance to retrieval while those with high speed mean to not let the swift ones escape. 

Unlike most other reels used with swimbaits, Shimano uses a centrifugal braking system. Most other reels use a magnetic braking system instead. A centrifugal system is more efficient in reducing the frequency of backlashes and providing sufficient force to the reel while throwing long casts. 

The powerful drag system for this reel is equipped with drag washers which are positioned on either side of the gear system to provide extra pressure required while stopping. The gear system has a special hagane construction to maximize durability and performance. They are also equipped with X-ship technology to further enhance smoothness. 

The reel is equipped with five stainless steel ball bearings and a reverse bearing which are all shielded by a stainless-steel shield. The precision built interiors of the reel reduce friction and result in smooth operation. 


  • This reel is available in models with different gear ratios meant for different targets
  • The gear system has a special hagane construction and X-ship technology for better performance
  • The line capacity for this reel is huge and works extremely well accompanied with the efficient centrifugal braking system
  • This reel is easy to operate and has single or double handles depending upon the particular geared model 
  • The drag system is further equipped with carbon fiber washers on either side 
  • There are five corrosion-resistant stainless steel ball bearings in this reel for incomparably fluid function

Shimano Curado DC Swimbait Reel 

This quite affordable reel has some of the best features that swimbait reels swear by. It can work through tough fights and endure the rough handling these fights are meant to give. Most reels would eventually get damaged on sustaining such abuse, but not Shimano Curado. This reel can perform well in the worst circumstances with the most stubborn targets. 

The reel is solid in structure and has many advanced features to get you the best out of swimbait fishing. One of the well-renowned features of this reel is the digital control. A specialized computer chip in this reel is responsible for effectively controlling the casting. It ensures that the set distance is accurately attained. The frequency of backlashes is also effectively reduced in this reel. 

The excellent system doesn’t need you to replace batteries time and again. Furthermore, the spools have a self-powered system to aid in an even better performance. The special hagane gear affords excellent resilience and the six stainless steel ball bearings for this reel further reduce friction. The smoothness of the operation of this reel is laudable. 

This reel is specialized for efficient functioning and can be set in four different modes to help is better casting. The first mode will get you a great casting distance while the last mode will help you attain shorter casts with more precision. The third mode is meant for fluorocarbon lines while the second mode is meant for casting with braided lines. 


  • This reel has many advanced features, the best being the digital control for accurate and efficient casting 
  • The reel can be easily set in four different casting modes that are specially meant to be compatible with different fishing lines and casting distances 
  • The digital control and the special electronic braking system helps you efficiently reduce the frequency of occurrence of backlashes 
  • The gear for this reel has the special hagane construction Shimano is well known for 
  • The durability and strength of this reel is groundbreaking 
  • There are six protected and corrosion-resistant stainless steel bearings along with one anti-reverse bearing to provide the smoothest function possible 
  • All the excellent features of this reel come at a very affordable price

Okuma Citrix 350 Swimbait Reel 

This is probably the most economical and high-quality swimbait reel you can find in the market. All the essential features of swimbait reels have been incorporated in mind-blowing capacities for an incredible performance. 

The reel comes with a large line capacity in perfect body size. The 14-pound monofilament line has a total length of over 230 yards! This mind-blowing capacity is not a feature you come across every day. You can also replace the monofilament with the line of your preference and have the same excellent length to work with. This ability along with the capacity makes an incomparable and undefeatable pair. 

Even the spool for this reel has been specially engineered to tolerate the high stress meant for a superior baitcaster. The spool has been constructed out of anodized A6061-T6 machined aluminium which makes it sturdy and lightweight at once. The control for this spool has been made super easy with a spool access port which lets you comfortably adjust the 6-pin centrifugal braking system. 

The drag system for this reel is supremely powerful. It is a specialized multi-disc carbonite system that renders the high performance this reel is well known for. Carbonite systems are very efficient because they undergo less heat during operation and are capable of offering smooth brakes even under high stress. This specialized drag system is an essential feature in many advanced swimbait reels. Okuma Citrix has brought it to you at a lower price.

The gear ratio for his commendable reel is very appropriate for its purpose. The 6.4:1 ratio is moderate and works well for sufficient speed as well as a sufficient amount of torque. This ratio lets you retrieve 31 inches of line with each turn of the handle. While this ratio may not make you specialized in either speed or torque, it generally works well for both. 

One groundbreaking feature of this reel is the presence of corrosion-resistant bearings. This reel has a total of eight stainless steel ball bearings to aid in the smooth functioning along with one reverse bearing to add more cream. A good number of quality bearings does wonders for your reel. 


  • This reel has the perfect gear ratio for a good swimbait at 6.4:1 and affords excellent control while both casting and retrieving 
  • The multi-disc drag for this reel is built out of carbonite and is specialized to handle heavy loads as smoothly as possible 
  • The maximum drag capacity for this reel is 25 lbs, enough for the heaviest fish 
  • The line capacity of up to 230 yards is mind-blowing and particularly allows long casts as well as the feels of a good chase 
  • There are eight corrosion-resistant stainless steel ball bearings in this reel 
  • The specialized spool fro this reel is made of anodized and machined aluminium to avail additional strength and light-weightedness 

Choose the Best Swimbait Reel for Your Day of Winning Trophies

Swimbait reels are everything you need for confidently reeling in the big fish of your dreams. The mind-blowing pulling power and the infinite line capacity of swimbait reels are what makes them so perfect for the task. 

Such reels need to be of specific sizes so they can handle the fish they claim at. The gear ratios of these reels are often moderate or low to enable high power along with a sufficient retrieval speed. Long-distance casts require the maximum amount of line that your reel must be able to provide. Then, the drag power of your reel must be compatible with the fight it is built to endure. 

Your Swimbait Reel Must Be Sturdy and the Right Size 

Anglers generally use sizes ranging from 200 to 400 in baitcasting swimbait reels. However, larger sizes are also very well appreciated by many experienced anglers. The size of your reel essentially depends upon the size of the fish you are aiming at. 

If you are going for fish on the lower end of big, a size 300 would also work just fine. But if you are going to hunt monsters in the water, you require a reel up to 500 in size. Also, make sure that your reel is made of materials that can endure the roughness that accompanies the hunt for big fish. Go for materials which are strong and lightweight like aluminium and a few  other metals. 

Swimbaits Require a Low or Moderate Gear Ratio 

The gearing of your reel defines its ultimate performance while retrieving the fish. Swimbait reels which are large will generally have a lower gear ratio than the small-sized reels. Usually, the gear ratios for these reels are kept at the lower end to enable a higher amount of torque while making the giant submit. In a nutshell, Large swimbaits work best with lower gear ratios. 

Your Reel Must Have Enough Line Capacity for Your Targets

Your line capacity will depend upon the size of the reel you select for swimbaits. Large-sized reels will typically hold a larger length of the line than smaller reels. If you are going to throw casts upto long distances, you do require a longer fishing line. Furthermore, a fish could take you on a chase and you may require more length of the line than you expect. 

Make Sure That Your Reel Has Sufficient Drag Power 

The drag system of your reel serves to stop the hooked fish using powerful brakes. A drag system must have sufficient power to stop and be smooth enough to not create jerks in the stopping motion. An irregular drag would result in the fish snapping the line and taking away the bait as a prize. 

The drag capacity of a reel defines the maximum weight of fish it can handle. Swimbait reels generally require drag capacities up to 25 lbs. The lighter swimbait reels meant for moderate-sized fish will have lower drag capacities. 


Shimano Tranx TRX300, Shimano Curado DC, and Okuma Citrix 350 are three excellent swimbait reels. All three of them are capable of casting big lures upto long distances and offering a tough fight during retrieval. While every angler may have a different first preference, either one of these can stay with you for long and endure all your performances. 

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