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6 Best Surf Fishing Rods of 2022

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Does the idea of Surf fishing excite you? Have you thought about the fishing gear that will make you fall in love with your surf fishing hobby all over again? Take a look at this elaborate list then!

Surf Fishing is one of the most popular fishing techniques out there. All you need is a comfy spot for your legs and a strong fishing rod to help you catch even those fish that rarely step out of deep waters. That’s why when people ask me for Surf Fishing advice, my first words are “Did you buy a fishing rod?”

If you’re searching for the answer to that question, let me help you. Here’s an exhaustive list of 6 Best of the Best Surf Fishing Rods in the market.

Shakespeare Ugly Stik Rod

best surf fishing rods

While I do admit that my initial fascination with this rod was because of its profoundly royal name, I quickly learned that the rod lives up to its name.

Ugly Stik has a reputation for creating the best Fishing Rods throughout its history. Shakespeare is no exception to the high standards of the brand. 

The Shakespeare Ugly Stik Rod is a compact, lightweight rod that comes up to the size of 12 feet. With agility and tensile strength, this rod packs in some amazing features. Built from tough graphite and flexible fiberglass, this rod gives you the perfect balance of both flexibility and power.

Ugly Stik features its very own Clear Tip design in the Shakespeare rod which provides additional sensitivity and brawn. The EVA grips that are included in this rod give it the lightweight structure and comfort that Ugly Stik Rods are renowned for. This rod is also claimed to be a long-lasting and rugged rod. 


  • The long length provides greater casting distance to this rod. This makes it easier to catch your desirable fish.
  • This rod would do wonders for you if you’re concentrating on catching big fish.
  • The amazing sensitivity of this rod will make you feel every nibble and pull that your rod experiences.
  • This rod is lightweight and lasts longer than most Surf Fishing Rods.
  • An added benefit to this rod is its incredibly urban and sophisticated look.


  • While this rod is high powered, it is also a heavy action inducing rod.
  • The distance between grips is too large so some anglers might find the hold uncomfortable.


There are some pretty solid reasons why Ugly Stik’s Shakespeare is one of the best Surf Fishing Rods in the market but the chief reason according to me is that it is sturdy and commands a great casting distance.

St. Croix Triumph Surf Spinning Rod

When you decide to go for Surf Fishing, there are many expectations and St. Croix Triumph Surf Spinning Rod combines those expectations into its own features to leave you raving over it. 

Triumph Surf Spinning Rod by St. Croix is a very highly prized rod in the world of surf fishing. Some anglers that I have met throughout my life say that it is truly one of the best Surf Fishing Rods in the market and will always be on that pedestal.

This rod comes in the sizes that range from 7’0″ to 10’0″. The ideal length of this rod makes it a true beauty in the fishing world. It is toughened out by SCII graphite material that goes very well with the dependable fittings attached to the rod. This very graphite fiber material makes it more tensile and sturdier than other rods.

This rod comes with a customized cork tape grip that makes the hold firmer and steadier. Add in the features of being lightweight and super sensitive and you have the perfect mix for a great Surf Fishing Rod. 

A great bonus to this particular rod is its staggering 5-year warranty. 


  • One of the principle benefits of this rod is that it is specifically designed for surf fishing.
  • This rod brings with it a great amount of sensitivity.
  • The casting distance and power of this rod are particularly well managed.
  • The construction of this rod sponsors great quality.
  • The 5-year warranty on this rod is quite impressive.


  • Many anglers complain that the reel settings simply break apart in the middle of fishing.
  • Despite its 5 year warranty, the odd pattern of payments to reclaim the warranty are somewhat worrisome.
  • The quality of this rod, while good, certainly isn’t the best on the market.


This rod is a good fit for you if you can take gentle care of it.

Okuma Longitude Surf Rod

Okuma has been a trusted rod manufacturer for more than a few years now. Its consistently high quality rods make it a standout amongst its competitors. Okuma Longitude Surf Rod just reinforces that point.

Okuma’s Surf Rods are some of the highest recommended rods in my review list. The very specific reason for this is that they’re diverse and qualitative in nature. The Longitude Surf Rod packs in a whole set of the latest, neat features that have evolved with time.

Draped up in sizes of 8’0″ to 12’0″, these rods are ideal for Surf Fishing. The superior density of graphite in the rods makes them powerful and hefty rods. The rubber butt caps that are fitted in via Pac Bay, make the rods super easy to hold and minimize the slimy grips that some rods can’t get rid of. In order to further avoid these slimy grips the rod also has custom, in-built cork wrapped handles that prevent these slips and provide a steady grip.

The guide frames that come with this rod are made out of pure stainless steel and the hooded reel seats pack in the same material. The rod also comes with a limited 1-year warranty attached to it.


  • The grabbing feature of this rod is its sleek, modern look.
  • It is comparatively more lightweight than other rods in the market.
  • The strong guide frames give it an impressive structure.
  • It has excellent sensitivity which makes you feel all the pleasures of fishing. 
  • The quality deeply justifies its price most of the time.


  • The rod might just snap mid-way if you aren’t careful.
  • Over time, the quality of the rod might degenerate.


This rod needs proper care and maintenance, otherwise it’s a good choice for newbies as well as experienced anglers.

TICA UEHA Surf Spinning Fishing Rod Series

The TICA UEHA Surf Spinning Fishing Rod Series is definitely noteworthy for this Surf Fishing Rods’ list. One simple reason behind this is the increased quality for a comparatively cheaper price.

This 10’6” sized rod uses graphite build to maintain its dynamic structure. The variety of ring guides built out of titanium oxide give it a flexible and powerful drive. The major highlight of this Surf Fishing Rod is that it features FUJI’s ring guide which is made out of resilient aluminum oxide. The cork tape handle prevents your hand from slipping. Overall, a sure value for money deal.


  • This rod is constructed out of lightweight graphite so it’s not as heavy as some of the other rods mentioned the list.
  • Flexibility is one the key components of this rod.
  • The quality and rigid structure of this rod make it a knockout in the department of Surf Fishing Rods.
  • The strength and long casting distance help in catching inshore fishes that are spread far out.


  • The butt length of this rod might at times be a bit longer than usual which makes fishing difficult.
  • The load-bearing capacity of this rod might reduce over time and this will cause the rod to snap in half.


This rod features FUJI’s ring guides and FUJI is always a winner in my book. It is definitely one the best rods in its price range.

Daiwa Beefstick Surf Rod 

The Daiwa Beefstick Surf Rod is a unique, one-of-a-kind flexible glass rod that delivers the experience of premium Surfing rods. 

9 feet in size, this rod is built of sturdy carbon and fiberglass flanks. The hoods of the reel seat that the rod supports is made out of pure stainless steel. Along-with this, the rod also features a wide array of steel guides that assist in smooth and strong function of the rod.

Lightweight and easy to hold construct of this rod make it a desirable option for both newbies and experienced anglers who like to fish with lightweight rods. 

This Rod packs in high end features at an affordable range of price.


  • This rod is light in weight and quite supple in its function.
  • The robust construction and technique of this rod make it great for anglers who are looking for an affordable and lightweight rod.
  • While it is sturdy in its unique structure, this rod does not ignore the sensitivity factor.
  • Compared to other cheap rods in the market, this rod is much more qualitative and durable.


  • There have been frequent complaints of the guide inserts loosening up and falling off the rod.
  • If we compare this rod to other, more expensive rods, it lacks the quality to match with them.


This rod will be a great option for you if you’re looking for a price friendly and qualitative rod that doesn’t kill your arm.

BERRYPRO Surf Spinning Fishing Rod

As per my opinion, the BERRYPRO Surf Spinning Fishing Rod is one of those underrated rods that you won’t be able to get enough of once you lay your hands on it. For rods that focus on Surf Fishing, this one definitely makes it to the top ranks. 

The size range that is covered in this rod ranges from 9ft to 13ft. This makes the casting distance longer and gives you a larger chance to catch a particularly tricky fish. 

The rubber butt cap on the rod minimizes the rod’s exposure to decay and rust that comes with fishing. This rod takes a special approach to the strong yet sensitive concept of Surf Fishing Rods. The ceramic ring that packs with it the strong steel guides is definitely very unique in itself. Adding to this, the guides are distanced as per a specific alignment to customize your fishing experience. The surface of the rod is made up of standard carbon fiber.

The best part of this rod is that it is one of those rare affordable Rods that contain amazing features.


  • The casting distance of this rod is remarkable.
  • Sensitivity is on point.
  • The EVA grips allow a firm hold for the rod.
  • The rod comes at a pocket friendly price with great features.
  • Quick action and amazing power packed in a single rod.
  • It exudes a complete sleek, finished look.


  • As with the previous rod, sometimes the guide inserts that are attached to the rod come loose.
  • The quality might differ or deteriorate at times.
  • A handful of customers also complain about broken or damaged ceramic inserts.


Overall, this rod has some stellar features at a low price. It’s a good deal for anglers who are looking to have a good rod at a cheap price.


Surf Fishing is a fun and exciting sport. You can just soak up the presence of tides that rush to your feet or the water that surrounds you as you wait for the fish to take bait. Lazy Sunday afternoons can’t get better than that.

While it is very tempting and certainly enjoyable, Surf Fishing should always be done once you fulfill the prerequisites and the first amongst them is a suitable rod. Check off specific features like length and type of build, this will help with casting distance and catching the fishes that you set out to catch.

The rods mentioned above are great for all kinds of anglers, you can list down your preferences and check them off by inspecting individual rods. Whatever you do, select the rod that sits in your hand in a comfortable manner.

Find the best Surf Fishing Rod for yourself and voila! You have just found a new best-friend. Explore and Enjoy, you’re all set for a great fishing adventure!

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