best spinning rods under 50

Best Spinning Rods under 50 Dollars – For the most comfortable fishing experience

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While anglers have always had trouble in deciding whether it is better to use spinning rods or bait casters, you must see which one takes maximum care of your comfort. Modern-day spinning rods are far better than traditional spinning rods upon which most assumptions are based. 

And if you are up for casting lightweight lures up to long distances, know that nothing else will work better than a spinning rod. Baitcasting rods come with many technical complications. In comparison, you’ll never experience backlash while working with a spinning rod. We have brought you the best spinning rods under 50 dollars.

Spinning rods come with all sorts of qualities and specifications. The ones we have listed may be cheaper than most, but they are extremely reliable and valuable in terms of quality performance. We have also included a directional guide in the end so that you take no chances while selecting the best spinning rod within your budget. 

Best spinning rods under 50 dollars 

Ugly Stik GX2 Spinning Rod

best spinning rods under 50

Ugly Stik is a well renowned brand for fishing rods of all varieties. While many new brands for spinning rods have emerged over time, none has defeated the legacy of Ugly Stik. Such that every angler has used this rod at some point along their journey. This very popular brand has come up with a cheaper alternative that is just as reliable as other high end spinning rods. 

The best part about this rod is its strong and reliable construction. For a price as low as 50 dollars, Ugly Stik GX2 has brought you a very well balanced rod capable of executing high level performance. This rod is extremely lightweight owing to its graphite and fiberglass construction. This is also the reason for its supreme comfort and the dependable sensitivity it is well known for.

As compared to most other spinning rods, this one is the best in sensitivity. The structure of this rod is further enhanced by the Ugly Tuff stainless steel guides that are very well resistant to corrosion damage. This special steel construction imparts unmatchable smoothness and resilience to the function of this spinning rod. Overall, this rod is very sturdy in making and built to sustain the roughness that accompanies fishing. 

The comfort for this rod is further enhanced by the special dual EVA grips on the handles. This feature imparts incomparable ease to the user and greatly reduces the tendency to slip. 


  • This rod is superbly strong, durable, and ultimate in performance
  • The reliability and comfort that this brand avails in all its products in incomparable 
  • The best part is, this rod comes with a seven year warranty 


  • Some users have reported that the handle for this rod is not very strong 


This is probably the best entry level spinning rod you can get for such a low price. Moreover, it is superbly durable. Once you have worked upon your fishing skills you can hand this rod down to another aspiring angler.

Shakespeare Micro Spinning Rod

This is probably the best ultra lightweight spinning rod under 50 dollars in the American market. This supreme lightweightedness is also responsible for the incomparable comfort availed by this rod. This brand has brought forth spinning rods of all lengths and action variations for every sort of angler. All the more, these rods are most appropriate for fishing with light weight lures.

The best in class lightweightedness for these rods is the result of the special graphite composite construction. The handles for this rod are made of cork for the ultimate comfort. Moreover, there are stainless steel guides that are further reinforced with stainless steel inserts to best allow the smooth passage of fishing line. Overall, the construction of this rod is very sturdy and reliable. 

This rod, like every other Shakespeare equipment, is supremely durable. Even the reel seats are strong and duly supported with the help of special cushioned hoods. In total, there are six different models of the Shakespeare Micro Spinning rod and they range from 4.6 foot to 7.6 foot in length. 


  • This is the best ultra lightweight spinning rod under 50 for anglers that need superior comfort 
  • This rod is available in six different models of varying lengths to satisfy different priorities of anglers 
  • This rod is not only comfortable to use, it is also very durable 


  • You may want to go for another rod if you aim for more powerful performance 


This rod will work best alongside a medium reel. It can catch the heaviest medium sized fish in the most comfortable manner. Grab on to one of these if you crave ultimate comfort while working smoothly.

Berkley Lightning Spinning Rod

This is the most reliable and durable spinning rod that comes for this price. While being one of the most sturdy spinning rods in the American market, this one is also the most sensitive. This rod is well capable of beating the most high end spinning rods with its excellent performance. 

It is rare to come across spinning rods that are ultimately sturdy in construction while being essentially lightweight and sensitive as spinning rods ought to be. At the same time, this is also one of the most durable and dependable spinning rods. Its price is almost a surprise because much more expensive rods are seldom able to achieve this feat.

The main construction material for this rod is a multi-modulus carbon composite blank. In addition, there are handles made of rubberized cork for enhanced strength and tightness of grip. Plus, the stainless steel guides for this rod have special aluminium oxide inserts for extra resistance to corrosion and more strength. You’ll be amazed how these guides are capable of letting numerous lines comfortably pass through. 


  • This is a very strong and durable rod made out of the toughest materials 
  • At the same time, this rod is also very light in weight and superbly sensitive 
  • This is considered as the most durable rod in this category 


  • Many users report that the reel seat for this rod is relatively uncomfortable 


This rod comes from a reputable brand and ought to be very dependable owing to its very sturdy construction. You wouldn’t get such a promising rod anywhere else for this price.

Okuma Celilo Spinning Rod

This is one of the most dependable rods and is widely used by professional anglers for salmon. Fish like salmon and steelhead are best caught with sturdy and powerful rods like this one. Don’t be fooled by the low price. This rod’s performance is perfection and it repeatedly defeats the relatively expensive rods through its smooth function.  

The main material of construction for this rod is graphite composite. This material provides the lightweightedness on graphite along with the strength of admixed materials. The sturdiness for this rod is further enhanced by the stainless steel guides that also have aluminium oxide inserts. The handle has special rear and fore cork grips for the ultimate grip and ease of use. 

Even the reel seats for this rod are built out of stainless steel and contain special corrosion resistant hoods for adequate protection. You’d be glad to know that this rod works superbly well even in saltwater environments. For this price, this spinning rod is truly a wonder. This is the reason it is so widely admired by anglers worldwide. 


  • This is one of the best quality spinning reels and not just in this price range 
  • The ultimate strength and corrosion resistance for this reel allow it to be used in both freshwater and saltwater environments.
  • The superior grips for the handle and the special guide designs render a very smooth functioning to this rod 


  • Some users have reported that the handle grips for this rod didn’t turn out as comfortable as they had expected 


Okuma Celilo is a very popular spinning rod owing to its high quality and dependable performance. The price is almost unbelievable considering the perfection this rod renders in fishing salmon.

Ugly Stik Elite Spinning Rod

This really is the best quality spinning rod you can get in this price range. Ugly Stik Elite brings you the best quality construction and reliability along with the smooth and excellent performance this brand is well known for. 

The structure of this rod contains 35 percent more graphite than usual models which enhances the lightweightedness and ease of operation. Furthermore, the sensitivity of this rod is best improved with its perfect structure. At the same time, this rod does not compromise on durability and reliability of performance. 

The special stainless steel guides further improve the strength. Maximum comfort is rendered by the cork handles with better grip and feel of operation. This rod makes it relatively easy to perform well for long durations on rough fishing waters. 


  • This is the best quality spinning rod in this price range 
  • It also comes with a seven year warranty 
  • The construction is very strong and dependable and the overall handling is superiorly comfortably 


  • This rod really has no negative reviews 


Ugly Stik Elite may just be called as the best spinning rod ever owing to its excellent capabilities and reliable construction. Many experienced anglers have relied upon this rod for generations and continue recommending it to newbies.

Know how to select the best spinning rods under 50 dollars 

There are a large variety of spinning rods to choose from. While we have brought you some of the best spinning rods in this price range, the perfect rod for each person is bound to be different. This depends upon the rod’s particular specifications and your specific priorities. 

Select the rod with the most appropriate length 

All lengths of spinning rods are available in the market. Your choice of a particular spinning rod is dependent on the qualities of your target fish and the type of approach you wish to go forth with. 

You’ll need a longer length of rod for throwing longer casts and for surf casting. While short length rods will do best in more congested fishing waters. Also note that shorter rods are at times more accurate. 

See what type of action you want 

Your spinning rod can be fast action, moderate, or slow action. The action rating of a rod depends upon its flexibility. Fast action rods will only bend at the tip when weighed at one end. In comparison, slow action rods will bend in their entirety. Moderate action rods bend a little farther from the tip. 

The action rating for your rod has to be selected in coordination with the size of the fish you are planning to catch and the types of lures you are planning to employ. 

Go for the appropriate rod weight 

The weight of your rod is also decided by the type of fish you are aiming to catch. A heavy fish will be best caught with the help of a stiff and heavy rod. Smaller fish can be managed well even with lighter rods. You must get the right set of gear that best matches your target. 

See that your choice of rod fits your budget 

If you aren’t a professional angler and fishing is another hobby you want to pursue, know how much you can comfortably spend and select the rod appropriately. 


We have curated for you a collection of some of the best known affordable spinning rods in America. According to your particular interest and the specificity defined by your target, you must go for the one that fits perfectly. 

While Ugly Stik Elite may be the best spinning rod overall, the person looking for more sensitivity may go for Ugly Stik GX2. Likewise, someone looking for a more durable rod must go for Berkley Lightning. Know that Okuma Celilo is the most dependable option if your target fish is salmon and Shakespeare Micro is unmatchable in comfort if you only wish to relax on the shore.

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