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Best Spinnerbait Rod – For quick casting and retrieval of bass

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There’s something glorious about fishing with technique-specific equipment. Your target is not just well-rounded, you also get adept at the method. The combined result is a bucket full of bass and a heart full of joy. Spinnerbaits are considered some of the best lures you can employ in fishing or bass. Spinnerbaits are also more versatile than most other equipment used for bass hunting.

An added advantage of this unique set is its ability to work fairly well in every sort of environment and whichever season. Many anglers regard this as the most dependable and enjoyable method. We are gonna help you find the best spinnerbait rod for the frisky angler in you. Choose the one with the most relatable specifications and the right size for your budget. The detailed review of some of the best spinnerbait rods is also followed by a reliable buying guide. Get ready to pack your bags. 

Best Spinnerbait Rods for the year 2022 

St Croix Mojo Bass Spinnerbait Rod

This spinnerbait rod will not only offer you the best performance, it is also quite affordable. For a very genuine price, this rod offers you a close to medium power rating and the quick action spinnerbaits are best known for. You must be well aware about the influence of a rod’s material of construction upon its overall quality. 

St Croix Mojo is built with some of the best known materials for the construction of spinnerbaits. This includes the base material of SCII graphite which is also high modulus. The reel seat is built out of Fuji ECS to avail durability amongst movable components. The rings for this rod are built from aluminium oxide and there are tough black frames and hoods for adequate toughness. 

This well renowned brand has left no stone unturned in ensuring quality for this very special fishing rod. The special advanced reinforcing technology has been employed in rendering incomparable sturdiness to the rod. This unique method guarantees excellent strength to the rod while keeping the diameter at minimum for an effective ease of handling. 

St Croix Mojo is one of those dependable rods that avail the requisite toughness within an easily operable size. You’ll see that this rod is tougher than certain other competitive fishing rods. Along with that, it is also highly sensitive. The successful conquest of bass is all about sensing their move on time. 

With this supremely excellent rod, you need not worry about the casting distance. A decent casting distance can be achieved for successfully railing bass. An additional advantage of this rod is its unmatchable sensitivity owing to the lightweightedness. 


  • The rod is sturdily built and the toughness is unmatchable owing to the advanced reinforcing technology employed in its construction 
  • The special kigan master 3D guides used in this rod avail more accuracy in casting 
  • The casting distance is sufficient and the overall use is comfortable 


  • Some users report that this rod is relatively stiff


If you are looking for the perfect topwater rod with maximum strength and ultimate fast action, this is the one to go for.

G. Loomis E6X Spinnerbait Rod

G. Loomis is the most well performing spinnerbait rod in the American market. Its size is just appropriate for the most powerful operation while friskily hunting for bass. At the same time, its action is also superbly fast. The sturdy build for this rod makes it very dependable on your toughest fishing expeditions. 

The basic material of construction for this rod is carbon fiber. Along with that, there are fuji guides and a strong seat for the reel. The banks for this excellent spinnerbait rod are equipped with multi-taper technology for the action that is most accurate and precise. This quality of construction renders superior reliability to this rod. 

While being sturdy, this fishing rod weighs hardly 17 pounds so you don’t have to handle any extra pressure in holding it. The lightweightedness makes it easier to operate the rod while battling unyielding bass fish you’d sometimes encounter. When paired with lures weighing between ⅜ to ½ ounces, this rod turns you into a hungry bear who won’t let any fish escape. 

The portability of this rod is further enhanced by its appropriate size of six feet and nine inches. It enables you to catch the largest bass with ease and still be light and compact enough to be carried. The medium power capacity for this rod is aptly coupled with the fast dependable action to defeat the most powerful rulers in the waters. Along with that, this rod also has enough bells and whistles for you to use whenever essential in fishing. 


  • The comfortable length of six feet and nine inches makes this rod very easy to use 
  • This rod provides medium power and quick action in battling the most challenging bass 
  • The built quality is superbly sturdy and durable 


  • Users report that they would have been more satisfied if there was more choice in the length of rod 


This rod is superiorly sensitive and offers excellent control over casting. The performance is ultimate and reliable.

UglyStik Elite Casting Spinnerbait Rod

This extra fast spinnerbait rod is amongst the most popular fishing rods employed in targeting bass. Their popularity is owed to the fact that they are best at what they ought to do. The quality of construction is amazing and the performance is commendable. You’ll be able to make the most beautiful casts with utmost accuracy. 

The material of construction for this rod is strong and tough but a little more rugged as compared to competitive spinnerbait fishing rods. The basic material of construction is metal which renders this rod the dependable sturdiness and versatility of use in varying weather conditions. All the guides for this rod are made of tough metal and the reel seat is fondly made of graphite. 

The best part about this rod is the durability of the tips. The tip of the rod is most susceptible to damage. The strong tips render additional reliability to this fishing rod. On the other side, the cork grip may seem to be less durable as compared to certain other parts of the reel. Overall, the quality of construction is sufficiently good to offer the best performance along with certain expected longevity. 

The length of UglyStik is six and half feet. This size makes it comfortable to use and the overall weight of eight to seventeen pounds makes it even more easy to hold. Along with such a lightweight reel, it is possible to employ lures weighing between ¼ to ⅝ ounces. This makes it possible to use a large variety of spinnerbaits in combination with this fishing rod. 

The smooth and accurate casting and the lightning retrieval is the result of the extra fast tip. The tip for this rod is unusually more sensitive to allow a better response. You’ll be able to land the largest bass you set your eyes at. Also, this is one of the most affordable spinnerbait rods out there.


  • This rod supplies medium power along with quick action to get the most burly bass with ease 
  • The lightweightedness of the rod avails the opportunity to use a wide variety of spinnerbaits
  • This rod is sufficiently durable and effectively cheap 


  • The handle for this rod not strong enough and needs replacement 


This rod comes with an extra fast tip and avails excellent control at the same time. The overall performance is excellent and dependable.

Lew’s Speed Stick TP-1 Spinnerbait Rod

This is regarded as one the most easily operable spinnerbait rods. There is one drawback when it comes to versatility. This rod can only be used along with smaller lightweight spinnerbaits and not with larger ones. So if you are looking forward to using larger spinnerbaits for fishing heavy bass, you must look elsewhere. 

The superb quality of construction for this rod makes it sufficiently strong and sensitive at the same time. This lightweight spinnerbait rod is made out of sturdy materials that promise longevity in the worst of conditions. Unlike most other fishing rods, the special Winn Grip handle for this one makes it very durable. At the same time, this handle is very comfortable to hold. 

Lines weighing between eight and fourteen lbs can be effectively used along with this rod. Lures weighing between ⅛ and ½ ounces are well suited to this rod. Lures weighing more than this will not be adequate for use with this rod. 


  • The build quality for this rod is amazing and effectively durable 
  • The medium power capacity is appropriate for landing most bass
  • The special WinnGrip handle is extremely durable and very comfortable to use 


  • This rod would have been better if it came with a hook hanger 


This extremely versatile rod is best suited for spinnerbaits with its lightweightedness and supremely sensitive function. Moreover, this all-rounder is quite affordable. 

Wright and McGill Skeet Reese Spinnerbait Rod 

This unique spinnerbait fishing rod is named after one former angler of the year and it certainly lives up to that standard. This is adequately built for the fast action coupled with the medium power capacity you expect from good quality spinnerbait rods. 

The quality of construction for this rod makes it strong enough to battle the friskiest fish even though it is very lightweight. This amazing build quality is the result of the special S-curve blank construction. The very strong material gives you a large amount of lifting power for the toughest fishing scenarios. The special molded rubber handles render resistance to slippage and are superbly comfortable to use. 

The length for this rod is seven feet, the power rendered is medium, and the action is unbelievably fast. Moreover, the casting with this rod is very smooth and reliable. The extreme sensitivity of this rod also enables you to detect the smallest bites. Lures from ¼ to ¾ oz can be effectively used in combination with this superb spinnerbait rod. 


  • This is one of the most sensitive spinnerbait rods you will ever come across
  • The fast action coupled with the medium power capacity renders it enough strength to battle the most challenging bass 
  • The quality of build is sturdy and dependable 


  • It has been reported that the extra length for this rod often interferes with perfect long distance casts 


This superiorly lightweight rod is built to execute enormous power while being equally sensitive. Overall, this rod is extremely comfortable to use.

Know how to select the best spinnerbait rod 

Technique specific equipment has certain specific criteria for it to work adequately. This includes its type, effective length, quickness of action, power capacity, and the material of construction. 

Baitcasting rods are the most commonly used type for spinnerbait fishing

Larger lures definitely require baitcasting rods while smaller ones can even do well with spinning rod setups. For effectively catching bass, you need rods that can handle large sized fish easily by creating sufficient drag. Nothing will let you throw smooth and accurate casts like a good baitcaster. 

Good casting requires sufficient rod length 

A rod of sufficient length will allow you to throw casts up to your desired length with ease. For spinnerbait fishing, rods between 6 and a half to seven feet in length deem adequate. The longer your rod, the better will be your casting distance. One must note that shorter rods will serve just as well if you aim to cast near your boat. 

Judge the quickness of action of your rod  

The location of the bend will determine the quality of action of the rod. When a rod is weighted, if the bend is located higher up on the blank, it is a fast action rod. A slow action rod will have its bend at a relatively lower position. Fast action rods are also known to be more sensitive. 

Comparatively, slow action rods bend more near the bottom one-third of the rod blank. The rod will be less sensitive when it is short. But it will be able to cast up to longer distances. 

You need medium to heavy power rating for spinnerbait fishing 

A fishing rod with a medium power rating will have enough capacity to to set the hook for the most challenging fish. At the same time, it will be light enough to accurately sense their position. 

Quality of construction for the rod must be sturdy and dependable 

It is essential for your spinnerbait fishing rod to be dependable. See that the materials of construction are strong enough to stand the battle stubborn fish often ensue. 


If you are looking for high performance spinnerbait rods that would also fit your budget, go for St Croix Mojo or UglyStik Elite. There is a reason why they are more popular. All the above mentioned rods are extremely efficient and powerful in function and would land you the most challenging bass with ease. Get ready to hit the lake with the most reliable weapon. 


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