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Best Pier Fishing Rod – For an edge upon salty waters

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Many anglers consider pier fishing to be even more enjoyable than surf fishing. In order to accurately glide through the varying levels of tides, one needs appropriate equipment and certain specific requirements within the same. For you to duly conquer this fascinating and challenging feat, we have created the best pier fishing rod collection. 

One needs different types of rods for the various types of target fish. While it may not be possible to procure separate sets for every such variety, it is certainly possible to get a pier fishing rod that works well for most fish you’d want to lay hand on in salty waters. These generally amazing pier fishing rods are usually of the spinning variety and range from seven to eight feet in length. The power rating of these rods is set around medium and medium/heavy. 

Our detailed description of the five best pier fishing rods is followed by a dependable buying guide so that you choose the best. 

Best pier fishing rods for the year 2022 

St Croix Mojo Pier Spinning Rod

best pier fishing rod

If you are a fan of jigging and introducing light lures into the water for your shy and admirable fish varieties, there’s no rod more sensitive than St Croix Mojo. It is most fascinating to get hold of fish that tend to swiftly escape. In such a scenario where one has to take extra caution and move tactfully, it is essential to keep the tackle light. 

A lightweight graphite rod that allows you to introduce light lures and smaller jigs is exactly what you need. St Croix Mojo is highly sensitive owing to its lightweight. This quality also ensures its fast action and efficient response. Smaller fish can be aptly caught with this super efficient and light rod blank. 

This rod is more excellent in its dependable combination of lightweightedness and strength. The aluminium oxide guides and the fuji reel seat provide enough sturdiness to the parts that are usually the first to get damaged. The overall operation is all the more comfortable because of the special split grip cork handle.

You may have come across the buzz around fiberglass pier fishing rods and their ultra lightweightedness. Trust me, fiberglass rods may be light but they wouldn’t be as sensitive. St Croix Mojo’s sensitivity is to die for and nothing else will let you differentiate a bite from a nibble. These fast action graphite rods are available in an ultimate range of power ratings. You can carefully select the rating that best suits your target fish. Moreover, this rod comes with a five year warranty so you can truly rely on its performance. 


  • This rod is comfortably lightweight and sturdy at the same time
  • The graphite construction provides it the ultimate sensitivity 
  • This rod comes with a five year warranty


  • This rod may be more expensive than other comparable pier fishing rods 


If your target fish species is small in size and sensitivity is your main concern, there is nothing better than St Croix Mojo’s lightweight and precisely accurate pier fishing rod.

Ugly Stik Tiger Elite Pier Spinning Rod

This is one of the best pier fishing rods that allow you to go for a variety of fish. The design is aptly suitable for versatile fishing in salty waters. A wide variety of equipment can be best employed to function effectively in combination. While versatility of use may be one of the most distinct features of this rod, it is certainly not the best one. 

The superb design for this rod includes a plug and a jetty. The awesome sensitivity for this rod is the result of its special blank construction. The superior lightweightedness, strength, and sensitivity assure that all operations through this fishing rod are very precise and accurate. 

The construction is considerably durable. The guides for this rod are made of stainless steel for best strength in the most easily broken part. The handle for this rod renders a comfortable and superior grip with its special EVA characteristic. This handle’s easy operation is partly owed to its excellent flexibility. It is also very sturdy in construction and wouldn’t get damaged easily. 


  • This fishing rod is quite versatile in function and suits a variety of equipment 
  • The overall construction is sufficiently lightweight and strong at the same time 
  • The special EVA handle provides additional ease of operation


  • Many users report that the company poses some problems in delivering their equipment on time


Ugly Stik Tiger Elite Pier Spinning Rod is perfect for the angler who wants to lay hands on every fish in the ocean. Its superbly versatile action allows you to work in combination with different equipment and aim at every attractive target.

Okuma Fishing Tackle CSX Pier Fishing Rod

This is the most affordable and well performing pier fishing rod out there. You’d be amazed by the wide array of features that accompany its unbelievable price. The most astonishing feature for this rod is its excellent construction. This rod is built out of 30 ton carbon with a blank method. This solid setup gives you extra lightweightedness along with incomparable strength while also being sensitive enough for the smoothest fishing experience.

Enhanced strength is rendered by the double footed guide frames which also enable you to cast up to large distances. Moreover, these frames are made out of special ALPS stainless steel for the best quality strength and reliability. All these features make this rod ultra sensitive and allow you to take the right step at the right time. 

The superior construction also ensures durability and longevity. One special feature of this rod is the rubber shrink tube handle that prevents slippage and allows you to operate the rod comfortably. The tapered rear grip further ensures longevity of components along with excellent function. The manufacturers also offer a limited period warranty for this pier fishing rod. 


  • This super sturdy and durable pier fishing rod is also ultra sensitive 
  • The non-slip rubber handle provides enhanced comfort in operation
  • This rod comes with a limited period warranty


  • Many users report that the guides for this rod are smaller than the required size for spinning reels 


This rod is superb in performance, best in quality, and unbelievable in price. This is probably one of the best pier spinning rods you’d come across.

G. Loomis E6X Inshore Spinning Rod

This special pier fishing rod comes with the most amazing features. While the best quality for this rod may be its durability, there are certain other mind blowing features which make it one of the best. Coming from a renowned and trustworthy brand, this is easily one of the most reliable pier fishing rods out there. 

The excellent durability for this rod is owed to its commendable quality of construction. The majority of excellence is due to the superior combined blanks used in its construction. They provide strength, lightweightedness, as well as durability. This rod is also equipped with the special multitaper technology that promises enhanced sustenance even in harsh scenarios.  

G. Loomis Pier fishing rod is best known also for its incomparable accuracy and unmatchable balance. These qualities make it relatively easy to operate even for beginners. Both spinning and casting functions can be best accomplished with this rod. Enhanced ease is also rendered by its cork handle that is comfortable to operate and best reliable. 


  • The special multitaper technology and the combined blank construction make this rod very strong and durable 
  • The sturdiness and balance for this rod is commendable
  • The best feature of this rod is its reliable durability 


  • Many users report that this rod takes a longer time than usual to be delivered 


This superb rod is easily the most durable pier fishing rod in the American market. But longevity is not the only promise. You’d be surprised by the effective balance and accuracy of casting this rod renders.

Penn Rampage Casting Fishing Rod 

This is considered one of the best performing pier fishing rods in the American market. This rod not only has the most appropriate length for efficient casting, it also has the most dependable strength and reliability of action. Most anglers undoubtedly head on for this pier fishing rod. 

The enormous strength for this rod is the result of its special graphite composite construction. This enables the rod to be light in weight and sturdy at the same time. The strength is also enhanced by the fuji aluminium oxide guides on this rod that significantly increase your comfort during use. 

You must be aware how often rods suffer damage due to broken reel seats. This rod has special heavy duty reel seats that promise resilience and sustain frequent changes in equipment. This sturdy construction renders excellent durability to this fishing rod and also provides admirable smoothness of operation. 

The handle grips for this rod provide an enhanced amount of torque owing to the special fore grips that prevent slippage. All these features make this rod especially easy and comfortable to operate.


  • This reel is made out of graphite composite for excellent strength, lightweightedness, and durability 
  • The overall performance is best adequate for efficient casting and superior pier fishing performance
  • This is a very renowned rod and is much loved by anglers worldwide 


  • Users report that this rod is almost never delivered on time 


This is the most dependable pier fishing rod if you ought to make long casts and expect great action on salty waters. It is also very reliable and provides the smoothest operation for the longest time.

Know how to select the best pier fishing reel 

With the whole lot of variety in the America market, it is not easy to select the best pier fishing rod or any saltwater fishing gear for that matter. This is why we have brought you a comprehensive buying guide. It is essential to know some important characteristics of the equipment you are se to purchase. 

See if it matches the action you expect 

Your target fish will decide what type of action should be best expected out of your fishing rod. There are slow, medium, and fast varieties of rods and your particular need will direct your purchase. 

Deep sea fishing essentially requires medium action pier fishing rods while you’d definitely require a fast action pier fishing rod for trolling. 

The fishing rod should have enough length 

This feature will be decided by your fishing spot. Pier fishing rods are available in a wide variety of sizes and you need to select the most appropriate one. Look at it this way, the pier fishing rod you’d require for deep sea fishing will not be adequate when you are surf fishing. 

Pay attention to the materials of construction 

Good quality pier fishing rods are either made of graphite or carbon. One must note the amount of lightweightedness they render while being balanced and accurate in function. A sufficiently lightweight rod will also be relatively easy to operate. 

Pay attention to the construction of additional components like reel seats and guides. Adequate strength in these components will promise durability. Also pay attention to the type of handle your rod is equipped with. It is best to go for an EVA handle with the most suitable slip-free rubber grip. 

One of the above is the best pier fishing rod for your needs

Any fishing enthusiast will be relished by our collection of the best pier fishing rods. Every person ought to have a different choice when it comes to selecting the most appropriate rod. Those who are stepping within their budget must go for Okuma while those looking for versatility must go for Ugly Stik. All of these rods are essentially the best in this category and will never cause you any disappointment. Get set go for your best adventure on the sea rocks. 

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