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Never Miss Your Target Again 

It is not uncommon to encounter a severe backlash right when you think you have nailed a big catch. There is one solution to this problem: open face reels! Also known as spinning reels, open face reels have become extremely popular owing to their ease of operation and lesser technical difficulties. 

Baitcasting reels may always remain the first choice for ensuring long casts, but open face reels are the best when you have to be certain your long casts will not be faced with a hassle. Most reels have an enclosed spool and the spool often rotates on use. Open face reels have a stationary spool instead and it stops the line immediately after the cast is thrown. 

However, open face reels can only be best used in a freshwater environment. Although these reels are built to be sturdy and tough, they cannot sustain the impact of saltwater, especially because the spool is exposed. However, these reels are relatively easy to use and are capable of catching the largest fish you’d come across. Besides, they are also available at lower prices than other reels. 

The Best Open Face Reels for the Year 2022

Okuma Avenger ABF Graphite Bait Feeder Open Face Reel 

Best Open Face Reel

It is very uncommon to come across excellent spinning reels at low prices. Okuma Avenger is even more admirable because of the ease of operation it offers along with the wonderful performance. 

The material of construction for this reel is graphite which adds strength as well as light-weightedness to the design. Unlike most reels, this reel is also very flexible and this feature adds to the ease of operation. This reel is resistant to corrosion which further enhances its longevity. Open face reels need to be corrosion resistant because durability is the assurance of good quality. 

This reel is even more solid because of the brass pinion gear. The gear is precision-cut to render superior performance. Besides, the die-cast aluminium handle knobs further improve the strength and resilience of this reel. Frequently handled portions of the reel are more susceptible to getting worn down or broken and solid handles ensure that your reel will operate for long. 

One additional feature of this reel is the availability of handle knobs of different sizes. You can select the one that best works for the comfort of your hand. Moreover, the brass pinion gear in this reel also adds to the longevity and smooth function. 

This reel also has a special anti-reverse function which is attained with the help of a roller bearing. This function ensures that your reel won’t undergo back slipping at the time you need focussed control on your target. The S-Curve Oscillation system for this reel can provide extra stability at the time of a tough battle. The spool for this reel is solid and is built from graphite. Overall, this is a very balanced reel and it gives you the best performance with minimum reduction in strength. It is not easy to find a good open-face reel at this price. 


  • The graphite body of this reel provides adequate strength along with requisite flexibility and durability essential for catching big guys in freshwater 
  • The solid aluminium handles are available in a variety of sizes for comfortable use by different anglers
  • The fine gear system for this reel promises superior performance and lack of hassle as seen in many other open face reels
  • The drag for this reel is powerful enough for small and medium-sized fish 
  • This reel is also very resistant to corrosion and continues working efficiently for many years 
  • Smoothness for this reel is rendered by special roller bearings 
  • The spool works smoothly and the line never gets tangled while casting
  • There is an accessible anti-reverse button which can be used to avoid line trouble 
  • The versatility offered by this reel is admirable because it is easy to operate and all types of anglers can use it efficiently 
  • The S-Curve Oscillation system offers excellent stability to all operations of this reel 


  • Some users report that the line and the spool for this reel are not as easy to manage as it is claimed 

KastKing Sharky III Open Face Reel

The tough KastKing Sharky is one of the best Open Face reels in America. This is one of the few spinning reels that are unbelievably resistant to corrosion and can be easily operated in both fresh and saltwater. It is not just about the solid build. 

The enhanced protection for this reel has been possible because of a special KastKing Intrusion Shield System that manages to keep the damaging dirt and water away from the portions that could suffer. 

The main structure of this reel is built out of fibre-reinforced graphite which renders it light-weightedness and strength at the same time. The main shaft of the reel is built of stainless steel to offer additional resilience. Also comfortably applying effort, the superior gear system for this reel is made of mesh manganese brass pinion. This renders very efficient and smooth function to the reel.

A sturdy and reliable build is the major mind-blowing feature of this very efficient open-face reel. This is also evident in the drag system which has special triple-disc carbon fibre construction. This drag system can handle weight as much as 39.5 pounds. KastKing Sharky III has superb capabilities in handling tough hefty fish. 

The reel has amazing smoothness which is the result of sufficient stainless steel ball bearings in the system. Another marvellous feature of this reel is the anti-reverse lock which can be instantly applied in case the line has to be suddenly stopped. Unlike most reels, the halts with this open-face reel will always be smooth. The anti-reverse lock is also very easy to operate and accessible. 

You’d be amazed to know that this reel has a very strong spool. It is made of aluminium and is capable of withstanding tough forces in the lake and the ocean for many years on end. The spool is also braid-ready to further add to your ease. 

Along with all these features, this reel is very lightweight and has an amazing line capacity meant for retrieving the most stubborn fish. 


  • This reel is very solid in construction and is made of fibre-reinforced graphite along with other elements to ensure a sturdy build
  • The reel has a stainless steel shaft and an aluminium spool for additional toughness
  • The entire body of the reel is adequately protected from corrosion and damage by a special and advanced sealing system known as KastKing Intrusion Shield System
  • The gear for this reel is additionally strong and is made of mesh manganese brass pinion 
  • Along with a triple-disc carbon fibre drag system, this reel is super powerful and can subdue the biggest fighters in the water
  • The drag capacity of 39.5 pounds is a tremendous feature for a reel of this price and makes it capable of handling the heftiest fish 
  • The reel comes laden with very comfortable features so that all anglers operate it with ease
  • The aluminium handle and spool are one of the most thoughtful features of this reel because they provide maximum sturdiness without getting damaged 
  • The efficient smoothness in this reel is the result of about eleven stainless steel ball bearings 
  • This supremely powerful reel is available for a very low price 


  • Many users demand both right and left-handed operations in this reel to make its operation easier
  • Some users report that they encounter line hassles sometimes 

Pflueger Supreme XT Open Face Reel

If you are looking for a great quality open face reel that doesn’t require a lot of investment and serves you for a long time, you have landed at the right spot. Pflueger Supreme is just what you are looking for. It may not be as cheap as the cheapest open face reels you’d come across. It is yet quite affordable for the quality of function it renders and the durability it promises.

This reel is available in four different models which vary because of their gear ratios. You can choose the one that best suits your requirements for landing your target. You’ll see that this reel is very light in weight. This feature makes it possible to work along with this reel for long durations without putting excessive strain on your arms. You’ll be gliding through fishy waters without encountering any fatigue.

This is reportedly one of the lightest spinning reels in America. Even the ergonomic carbon handle for this reel is very light. Apart from this, a major portion of the body of this reel is made out of magnesium. Even the spool for this reel is braid-ready so you don’t have to put extra effort. 

The overall function of this reel is very smooth and is owed to the stainless steel ball bearings. Gear ratios from 5.2:1 to 6.2:1 are available in different models owing to the challenge your target fish poses. 


  • This reel offers high performance for a very affordable rate 
  • The excellent quality of construction renders it superior performance for a long time 
  • Different models are available for different sets of gear ratios 
  • The superior light-weightedness of this reel makes it possible to fish all day long without developing fatigue 
  • The solid construction enhances its durability and dependability 

Know-How to Choose the Best Open Face Reel 

It is very important to have a good quality reel which would complement your efforts on the water while executing a gorgeous performance. It is wonderful to reel in a big guy of your set target fish while applying effort in a comfortable manner. This can only be made possible by an excellent open-face reel. 

You must ensure that your reel will provide you with a smooth and powerful drag along with the right gear ratio for your particular fish. Even the material of construction of your reel needs to be adequately assessed for its strength and resilience. Ensure that your reel has a good quality spool and a strong bail. At most, make sure that you can operate this reel comfortably. 

Choose the Best Drag System for Your Spinning Reel 

A powerful drag system is the most essential characteristic of open face reels. The drag is responsible for adding tension to your line and pulling the string for stopping the fish that has been hooked. Drag also works in the opposite direction by removing tension from your fishing line, releasing the string and letting off the fish. 

Many advanced open face reels now have more options to minutely adjust their drag settings. You can now adjust your drag on a stronger or a lighter note according to the need of the moment. Look that the controls for adjusting the drag on your reel are easily accessible. 

Make Sure the Body of Your Reel Is Tough 

Open-faced reels are generally built out of aluminium or graphite. While graphite is easily susceptible to wear and tear, aluminium is deemed more strong and reliable.

This is because aluminium is a heavier metal and isn’t as much susceptible to corrosion. Graphite is a composite of carbon and is lightweight and corrosion-resistant. Advanced protective coatings serve to increase the durability of both these materials but aluminium continues to be sturdier. 

Also, pay attention to the material your drag system is made of. You need a drag that can sustain the pull of tough fish without giving in or having you experience jerks. 

Your Open Face Reel Should Be Comfortable to Handle 

Your open face reel must be easy to operate. It is also essential for it to feel good in your hands. Make sure that the handle of your reel is large enough to be held easily and be operated with even more comfort. You may have the toughest arms in town but it is no use labouring them when you could accomplish the same task with minimum effort. 

Your Reel’s Spool Should Have Enough Capacity 

The spool of an open face reel must be built of good quality materials so that it can sustain harsh environments and damaging particles. At the same time, your spool must have enough line capacity so that you don’t fall short of the line while going after your target. A good spool will also ensure that your line doesn’t get tangled during the casting process and the operation of your reel is overall smooth. 

It Is Good to Have an Accessible Anti-Reverse Switch 

An anti-reverse switch is an important requisite while fighting fish that offers a tough battle. When the switch is easy to operate, you have one more back to fall back upon apart from the drag system. This switch lets you reel in reverse, especially when going for relatively lighter fish. 

Fishing with open face reels is enjoyed by beginners and experienced anglers alike. Spinning reels are already a step further in comfort owing to the absence of frequent backlashes. A good spinning reel further enhances this attribution by performing with even lesser hassle. 


Okuma Avenger, Pflueger Supreme XT, and KastKing Sharky III are the best quality open face reels and are also available for a very affordable price. With tough structures and groundbreaking resilience, these reels are set to battle any target you put them at. It is possible to throw long and smooth casts and it is also possible to reel in fish with force as well as speed. 

Your search for the best open face reels ends with these reels, in all glory and excellence. 

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