best fly fishing rods under $200

Best Fly Fishing Rods under $200 – Best in quality, lowest in price

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It is common knowledge that fly fishing equipment is expensive. Well, the most expensive portion of all this equipment is definitely the fly rod. However, times have changed and as it turns out, even fly fishing rods are now affordable. You heard that right. Now there are good quality fly rods in the American market for prices as low as $200!

You may expect to be cheated hunting for a fly rod like that. Don’t worry, we have toiled hard to curate for you the best fly fishing rods under 200 dollars. We understand how tough it may seem to purchase a hefty priced fly rod when you are only just beginning at the sport. 

Let the high end rods be reserved for the ones who have delved quite deep into fly fishing. Newcomers and amateurs are welcome to practice their best skills at our most amazing collection. We have also jotted down a buying guide so that you are at ease while selecting the rod that’s best for you. 

Best fly fishing rods under $200!

St Croix Rio Santo Fly Rod

best fly fishing rods under $200

Every beginner wishes for equipment that is relatively easy to use. It is really hard to learn upon tough fly rods with numerous obstacles to get used to before you can master a perfect cast. This is why fly rods like St Croix Rio Santo have been made. 

This rod is superbly easy to use and will let you learn casting such that you will begin to trust your talent. This excellent rod lets you achieve this feat by making it possible to cast tight loops right when you start. By reducing your difficulty, this rod enables you to learn the actual skill. 

Built to work in freshwater, this lightweight rod is made from graphite and is supremely powerful in performance. The action for this rod is moderately fast and well suited for beginners. Don’t expect this rod to be as powerful as the more high end rods with their technical additives and complications. For fresh anglers, this rod will execute the most accurate casts upto long distances. 

One added advantage of this rod is its essentially soft tip that lets you understand the movement the rod undergoes while throwing the cast. Getting to know this motion is important in developing excellent casting skills. Moreover, the stiff butt portion for this rod manages to provide you enough power to outdo yourself in making long distance casts.


  • This rod is very easy to use and best for those learning how to cast
  • For a very affordable price, St Croix has brought you the best quality rod to develop and tone your casting skills 
  • This rod is yet powerful and quite accurate in casting 


  • This rod is only suitable for beginners and the performance may not suit more experienced anglers


St Croix Rio Santo is the best fly rod for beginners who want to tone and develop their casting skills. It is available in four sizes ranging from four to eight feet. The size of your rod depends upon the distance you want to cover while casting and upon your fishing location.

Orvis Clearwater Fly Rod

This is a renowned brand best known for producing high quality and trustworthy fishing gear since generations. All their fishing rods are equipped with the best technology and the best possible quality for the function. Moreover, all their gear is quite affordable in comparison with other brands. 

Orvis Clearwater Fly rods stand true to their name and express the best known performance in the most efficient manner. Both beginners and experienced anglers relish in the amazing possibilities this fly rod gets you for such a low price. The best part is, you have the option to choose from amongst more than fifteen models which are all best suited to the priorities of every particular angler. 

If you opt for the freshwater variety of fly rod, you’ll get the best casting performance owing to strong construction and sturdy design. This rod is essentially built out of graphite and is equipped with the special Helios technology for supreme lightweightedness and subsequent ease of use. 

Unlike most other inexpensive fly rods you’d come across, Orvis Clearwater is not just meant for beginners. Even the most experienced anglers recommend this rod for its reliability and performance. 


  • This is not just a rod for beginners, it is one of the best quality and affordable fly rods in the American market
  • The lightweightedness, ease of use, and the power for this rod are commendable 
  • There are more than fifteen models to choose from based upon your priorities in fly fishing 


  • Some users have reviewed that Orvis Clearwater rods are not as flexible as fly rods ought to be 


Orvis Clearwater is the best choice if you need a dependable fly rod that would go on for a long time and would also fit your budget. This is amongst the few affordable fly rods that are not just meant for beginners.

Scott Meridian 909-4 Fly Rod

If you are willing to pursue fly fishing in saltwater for the first time, Scott Meridian is the right pick to get you moving with the basic skill set. But wel, this fly rod is not just suitable for beginners. It is also very much admired by experienced anglers as a reliable and affordable option for fly fishing in saltwater. 

For a very less price, you get high grade and dependable performance. Such that you are able to throw the longest and the most accurate casts in an efficient way. Moreover, this rod is powerful enough to battle just any medium sized fish you may come across. 

Although there are more professional fly rods that may seem more fit for use by experienced anglers. Do not let the low price make you doubt upon this rod’s quality. This is a very portable four piece rod and measures up to nine foot in length for the most dreamy long distance casts. 

While this rod may not compete equally with a very high end saltwater fly rod, it is definitely perfect for casting upto admirable distances and fighting the burliest medium sized fish with rage. This rod is also recommended to beginners because it eliminates the technical errors that commonly occur with more complicated rods. 


  • This is the most affordable and well performing saltwater fly rod in the American market 
  • This rod lets you cast accurately up to very long distances 
  • You can confidently stand the fight with every other medium sized fish while using this rod 


  • This rod may not be as resistant to corrosion due to saltwater as the more high end varieties 


This fly rod is perfect for catching medium sized fish in saltwater. Don’t let the low price misguide you. This rod is absolutely powerful and will let you offer tough fights while also enabling very long and accurate casts.

Redington Classic Trout Fly Rod

It is always the best decision to go for species-specific fishing equipment. This is because nothing else would serve you better than the rod built exactly for this purpose. Redington Classic has been built to specifically cast dry and delicate flies to fish that rise and gulp. 

But don’t worry if you don’t make it on the lake at the time of hatching. This rod will work well enough even when you have to cast nymphs and streamers because trout may just go for anything when they are hungry and the flies aren’t hatching. You must be aware about the appropriate use of flies for trout according to the water conditions. This special rod will suit every scenario you may come across. 

The construction of this rod may not be extraordinary or catchy but it is definitely sturdy and does its job well. One excellent feature of this rod is its consistently tapering design. Although simple, this rod has been very smartly built to sustain the largest amount of casting forces. Moreover, the soft tip for this rod allows the best shock absorption. 


  • This rod is specially designed for trout and is suitable for casting every type of fly that serves the purpose 
  • The tapering design delivers the best powerful performance 
  • You can easily make long distance casts in a very efficient manner 


  • The casting distance for other comparable rods may be more 


If you want powerful casting performance while fly fishing for trout, this is the best option that also fits your budget. The taper provides extra power and the overall casting performance is unbelievably smooth.

Temple Fork BVK Fly Rod

A good salmon fishing fly rod will best fulfil certain essential criteria. Catching this fish is no easy task. That may be one of the reasons it is so well priced on the menu. The prominent and favorable features of this fly rod include an admirable length for long-distance casting and relatively fast action for the most powerful hooksets. 

Unbelievably so, this genuinely priced rod enables you to cast up to long distances in a very smooth manner. No matter what weather, this powerful will deliver your cast at the accurate spot as if it was shot. Moreover, this rod adequately controls the biggest salmon in the most efficient way. 

Not only this, the overall design and construction of this fly rod are also excellent. This lightweight rod is essentially built out of olive blanks. The reel seats and the guides are also built of sturdy materials to well enhance the longevity of the rod. The guides are especially built out of stainless chromium steel. Overall, the rod is easy to operate for beginners and very well suited for use by experienced anglers too. 


  • This rod is pretty strong and built to sustain the toughness involved in salmon fishing 
  • Casting accurately up to long distances is very much a attribute 
  • Users report that its is shipped very fast 


  • Some users report that this rod is much heavier than what salmon fly fishing rods ought to be  


This is one of the best and most affordable salmon fly fishing rods available in the American market. It fulfils every essential criteria for salmon specific fly rods and remains very sturdy throughout use.

Know how to select the best fly fishing rods under 200 dollars

Getting the best stuff for the lowest price is an art. But it also requires some general knowledge about the product you are purchasing. 

Go for the ideal weight 

You ought to select the most appropriate fly fishing rod according to the weight of the fish that is your target. For example, marlin and other big saltwater fish require rods weighing from 10 to 12. 

Select the right amount of action and power

You must note that moderate action rods are the most versatile and can be employed for a variety of fish. 

See that the rod fits well with your reel

One must note whether the size of the reel and the rod complement each other. Go for fly reels with smooth drag systems. An easily adjustable drag will work best in making you win tough fights.

Note the type of line employable

See whether you’d work best on a floating line, a sinking line, or the more advanced tapering designs. Note the ones that are best compatible with your rod and reel. 


We have brought you five best fly fishing rods under 200 dollars. If you sprawl through the market for fishing equipment, you’d notice sellers urging you to lay hands on one of these. Trust me, remaining in budget couldn’t have been sweeter. Go for the one that best suits your target and abilities. And remember that quality is a much larger concept than price. 

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