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5 Best Drop Shot Rods for 2022 and beyond

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Fishing and the joy that comes from a successful fishing trip isn’t surmountable by even the most expensive luxuries. And when it comes to drop shotting? You can hold on to your life’s rod for each and every exhilarating breath because those moments might probably be some of the craziest and most fun moments you’ve ever experienced!

Drop shotting has its own specific requirements and do you know what should be your first priority when you decide to go for drop shotting? Since you’re already here I’m assuming that you do. Drop shot fishing rods might not have a whole different modus operandi but when we get down to the features of these rods you’ll notice that drop shot rods are probably the most efficient rods in the market. 

For drop-shotting, your go-to fishing rod might not work because it might be heavier than what is required for drop shotting. Ideally, drop shotting rods need to be light with medium power and fast action. The length might vary but most anglers who swear by drop-shotting say that the best length would be around the range of 6’6″ ft to 7’0″ ft. Besides these crucial factors, your rod’s overall sensitivity will determine if you’ll catch your desired fish or not. 

To save you the pain of going through each drop shot rod and determining the best options, here are the top drop shot Rods of 2022 (and possibly beyond). Keep an eye out for in-built features like type of construction, length, power and sensitivity and you’ll be able to pick out your favorite of these 5 Best Drop Shot Rods.

Dobyns Rods Fury Series

If you tell me you’re a serious angler and you haven’t heard of Dobyns, I’m not going to believe you! 

Dobyns has been manufacturing some astutely amazing Rods for a long time now. It is known for the power and durability that are packed in its Rods. The Dobyns Rods Fury Series stands firm on all of Dobyns quality standards and gives the idea of drop shotting its own unique twist.

The rod of fury series compiles the features of strength and sensitivity while maintaining the core of the rods being lightweight and balanced in every way possible. This rod is 7’0″ ft long and it is a medium light fast action spinning rod. 

The sturdy graphite blanks that form the rod ensure its strength and sensitivity. Fuji reel seats provide a flexible platform for the reel to fit in and give a smooth glide to the rod. Kevlar wrapping that is ingrained in the rod as well as the cork grip that is of grade AA makes a comfy and strong hold a surety. 

This rod specializes in Drop shot fishing so why not go for shopping in style while keeping the purpose in mind!


  • This rod comes at an astoundingly low price. No other high-end rod would offer such quality at that particular price. 
  • It is very sensitive right from its tip to its handle.
  • It is very long lasting and light in weight.
  • This rod maintains the balance between power, strength and durability.
  • The grip provided by this rod is strong and firm.
  • It has Fuji reel seats to ensure a smooth performance.
  • It is a high quality rod with premium features. 


  • The tip or the top part might involuntarily snap at times.
  • The cork might bend or break apart after a certain point of pressure. 


Overall this Fury Series rod is a great deal packaged at a value-oriented price.

Ugly Stik GX2 Spinning Rod

best drop shot rods

I’ve reached a point in my life where everyone who knows me knows that I will not shut up once I start explaining why Ugly Stik’s rods are my personal obsession. Ugly Stik has been one of those major brands that manufactures the best rods at an affordable price. Ugly Stik’s GX2 Spinning Rod might have been mentioned by me a thousand times over the past year but you won’t hear me complaining. 

This rod is no fishing arm candy, it has amazing features to match its beautifully sleek looks. The GX2 spinning rod is an advanced rod that is significantly lighter and better than the other rods in the GX2 family. It improves upon the core features of Ugly Stik which promise robustness and durability in a single rod. 

It is a 7’0″ ft medium power fishing rod which is built out of trusty graphite and fiberglass build. The ever-lasting, lightweight EVA grips make sure that your hold doesn’t loosen up or slip. The EVA handles take this grip a notch further and make your hold as effective as possible. Its strength and sensitivity provide a unique proportionality to its functions.

Wait… there’s more! The 7-year warranty that comes with this rod just confirms its quality.


  • The construction and overall build of this rod is amazing.
  • The rod is reliable and long lasting.
  • It provides you an adequate amount of sensitivity so you don’t miss out on a single push or pull that comes with fishing.
  • Flexibility of this rod is a major benefit to its durability as well as comfort.
  • This rod is compatible with all kinds of fish.
  • It has the ideal weight, action and length for being a great drop shot rod.


  • The tip of the rod might crack under not-so-safe storage conditions.
  • Some anglers complain of the rod breaking in half during a particularly challenging pull.


If we look at the sheer great quality and pair it with the rod’s very affordable price then we’ll find that it is great for anglers who want to feel the entirety of their fishing experience.

St Croix Triumph Spinning Rod

Speaking of classics that go straight up in the premier league of rods you can’t possibly expect me to miss St. Croix. For the longest time St. Croix has been churning out rods that are made for elite titles under the fishing industry. St Croix’s Triumph Spinning rod combines all the great features that come in a classic St. Croix rod with its highly specialized Triumph series of rods. 

This rod comes in the drop shot efficient sizes of 6’6″ ft and 7’0″ ft. The medium light, fast action rod gives you all the feels of fishing through its ultra sensitive material. Built out of solid SCII Graphite this rod is super strong and resilient. Along with being a lightweight and long lasting rod, the Triumph rod also features a cork handle that is of a highly premium grade. This makes it very easy and effortless to hold and tighten the grip on the rod. 

The Triumph rod marks its unfailing quality with Fuji-built DPS reel seats. These reel seats are covered with an opaque silver hood. The guides on this rod are made of tough aluminum oxide and it is coated in a two time finish of flex coat’s slow cure finish. 

Like all its premium quality rods St. Croix isn’t afraid to show the world that its Rods are quality so the Triumph Rod comes with a 5 year warranty. 


  • Fuji’s DPS reel seats provide a smooth and steady glide for the rod.
  • The rod features high quality handles to ensure an excellent grip.
  • A 5-year special warranty by St. Croix is a hallmark of quality in itself.
  • It is a fast action rod, medium light in weight with highly distinctive characteristics which makes it great for drop shotting.
  • It’s a strong, tough, and sturdy rod with highly effective mechanisms.
  • This rod is very flexible and can bear the brunt of harsh use.


  • The rod might snap if it faces a great amount of pressure. 
  • Reel seat locks are highly inefficient and do not work well with time.


St. Croix’s Triumph fishing Rods are meant for a premium quality of your fishing experience. If you’re looking to go all out and jump into the best of drop shot fishing then St. Croix might be an ideal fit for you.

Fenwick Elite Tech Rod

Fenwick’s rich history is only one of the many reasons why its rods end up being the talk of the town more often than not. The exemplary workmanship of rods built by Fenwicks is a statement of high quality and performance. Fenwick’s Elite Tech Rod has already established its authority by being one of the best drop shot Rods in the market.

The ideal length of 7 ft makes this rod a great fit for drop shot fishing. According to Fenwick it is one of the lightest and most comfy rods in the industry. The unique design of a hidden handle in the reel seat gives a measure of performance and comfort both in a single rod. Unlike most rods, this one doesn’t leave its reel seat’s threads hanging. 

The frame guides built out of pure titanium make the rod strong and sturdy all the while ensuring that it still remains light in weight. The TAC mechanism and an exceptionally well made cork handle structure provide a solid, non slippery grip. If we talk about drop shotting specifically then this rod is made for handling all kinds of light as well as ultra light approaches to fishing.


  • This rod is extremely well built and durable.
  • It is balanced in the experience and performance aspects of fishing.
  • It is exceptionally light in weight.
  • The feature of extra sensitivity makes you feel and react to tiniest hitches and joys that come with fishing.
  • The finesse that goes into building this rod is definitely not a small amount.
  • It provides a strong grip via its custom made cork handle.
  • It is suitable for bass fishing and goes really well with drop shotting.


  • The rod might break into two parts if the pull is too strong.
  • It is not as cost effective as some other rods on the list.


All in all, this rod is a great fit for any angler, experienced or newbie who wants to go for fishing with finesse and long term quality.

LEW’S Fishing Mach Crush Speed Spin Combo

Lew’s is all about building a brand that speaks for itself. It has manufactured several rods that have been instant hits in the fishing world. Speed, agility, power, all come under Lew’s fishing brand. Lew’s Fishing Mach Crush Speed Spin Combo might probably be the best drop shotting reel and rod combo in the market right now.

The rod comes in the classic drop shot fishing lengths of 6’9″ ft and 7’0″ ft. Its body is built out of toughened aluminum that makes the rod strong and sturdy. This coupled with the main shaft which is made out of stainless steel gives the rod a light yet strong build. The exceptional overall functioning is born out of the one-of-a-kind 11-bearing system that goes into the making of this rod. 

This rod’s highlight is its essential and efficient C40 grade carbon skeletal speed rotor and soft touch graphite reel seat. Graphite blanks coupled with guides made by American Tackle Airwave increase the overall casting distance and make the rod tougher and more resilient in face of change. 

Compared to other fishing combos, this particular combo takes cost-efficient drop shot fishing to a whole new level.


  • The rod and reel combo handles all kinds of weights really well.
  • This rod is definitely one of the most lightweight and sensitive rods in the market.
  • The grip on this rod is exceptional. Your hold on the rod won’t falter at any point during your fishing trip.
  • This combo is much more cost effective as compared to other rod and reel combos that are available today.
  • It ensures a smooth and easy flowing fishing experience.
  • The combo is especially great for drop shot fishing.


  • The balance of this rod is a bit off and so it is not as well balanced as some of the other Rods.
  • The Fishing pole might snap and break if there are any glitches in the mechanism or storage of the rod.


The Mac Crush Speed Spin combo is a great way to grab a quick, cost effective solution for drop shot fishing. Its smooth glide will definitely suit you if you’re into comfy and light hearted fishing pleasures.


Fishing might be a fun sport or the heart and soul of an angler, maybe even both. It is only natural to want to have better experiences and gain expertise by having a great time. Drop shot fishing is definitely one of the most popular fishing techniques for this very reason.

The sport of drop shotting, though meant for heavier fish and serious anglers, has captured attention since it was first introduced. The heavy lure, the excitement of catching a big fish, the satisfaction of doing something you love in itself makes for a memorable experience but drop shotting takes these experiences a step further and will probably become your favorite fishing style if you give it a try. 

But wait… is excitement enough? Aren’t you going to check if you have the appropriate fishing gear? Did you find the drop shot fishing rod that matches your fishing style? I certainly hope so.

Length, power, action, construction, so many things need to be checked off before you decide on one final rod but let me give you just one simple tip that serves even the top anglers. Go with your gut whenever you’re buying a fishing rod. An ideal fishing rod will sit well with your hand as well as your mind. 

So keep the specifics in mind, get pumped up and you’re all set for a great fishing adventure!

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