Best Baitcasting Reels Under 50

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Quality Has No Fixed Price 

The quality of fishing equipment is often judged by their price. Baitcasting reels come in all forms with varying external and internal features. While it is possible for cheap fishing reels to harbor good quality, it is not definite that the more expensive reels will always be better. Oftentimes, good quality and affordable reels work far better while providing only the essential features. You must understand that everything boils down to performance at the end of the day. 

An expensive reel may look a lot smarter but don’t be surprised if it doesn’t perform as well. Go for tried and tested promising reels even if  they are cheap. It is especially advisable for beginners to not invest a large sum into a sport when you are just starting. Begin with the essential features and progress when you gain enough experience. 

We have brought you baitcasting reels for less than 50$ that will provide ample comfort, smooth casting, and faster line retrieval. In case you are worried about the longevity and durability of cheaper reels, rest assured that they will be as strong as any other good quality equipment. Moreover, they’ll function exceptionally well. 

The Best Baitcasting Reels Under 50

KastKing Royale Legend Baitcasting Reel

This baitcasting reel is worth every little penny you spend on it, and more. You’ll never be disappointed by the best quality performance this reel executes. This reel is built out of lightweight and durable aluminium metal and is quite resistant to corrosion. The lightweight of the reel further enhances comfort. One must note that the lightweight of this reel does not compromise on the strength. This reel is solid and can withstand the rise in forces while baitcasting and reeling. 

The high gear ratio of 7:1 ensures a high speed of retrieval and can effectively handle the wildest and the most stubborn fish. The power provided by this reel is adequate in controlling tough predators. The drag system is precision cut and built from brass to offer superior durability. One best feature of this reel is the presence of two types of braking systems. There is one magnetic and one centrifugal braking system and both of them work effectively in giving you the best casting experience. You’ll never have experienced a simpler method of making effective casts. 

The super powerful drag system contains four carbon fiber star drag which can easily get the burliest of monsters. The drag for this reel is capable of handling fish as heavy as 17.5 Lbs. The overall operation of this reel is smooth owing to the corrosion-resistant ball bearings. The casting and retrieving function of this reel is incomparably smooth. The operation is noiseless and faster than other baitcasting reels in this range. Moreover, the accuracy of this reel is well regarded. 

Beginners and experienced anglers are all big fans of this reel. Its super comfortable design and access controls have made this reel extremely user-friendly. Beginners find this reel easy to operate and experienced anglers are impressed by its promising performance. 


  • The base material of the reel is aluminium which makes it solid and lightweight 
  • The high gear ratio of 7:1 provides a very high speed of retrieval 
  • There are sufficient corrosion resistant ball bearings in this reel to provide smooth and noise-free function
  • There are two efficient braking systems in this reel for better control of casting 
  • The drag system is very powerful and built with carbon fiber to ensure longevity 
  • The accuracy of this reel’s casting is mind-blowing 
  • Beginners and experienced anglers both rejoice the fantastic capabilities of this reel 


  • This reel is not easy to master and some training is required to get used to its functioning
  • Many users have reviewed that the thumb press for this reel is not very sensitive and needs to be pressed very strongly to initiate the function
  • This reel only works well for hefty fish 

Piscifun Torrent Baitcasting Reel 

This reel’s low price does not deter it from being the best quality baitcasting reel in the market. This is because of the excellent performance and superior quality this reel has to offer. Piscifun Torrent can reel in the heaviest of fish with ease. 

This is possible because of the advanced three-layered carbon drag washers in its drag system. The herculean drag system for this reel has an extended handle and is connected to a brass gear. Such excellent build and structure are responsible for the high performance this reel executes. The drag system for this reel can easily control fish that weigh up to 18 Lbs.

Few reels provide such excellent leverage function in combination with perfect gear ratios. This reel has a gear ratio of 7.1:1 which provides a very high speed of retrieval against mighty fish. One additional advantage of this reel is its ability to work well against small fish too. 

The frame for this reel is strong and durable and there are many corrosion-resistant features. This reel has effectively improved upon a feature that was just tolerated by users in other reels. Unlike the plastic thumb cap commonly seen in baitcasting reels, Piscifun Torrent contains an aluminium thumb cap. The aluminium thumb cap is more advantageous as it is less susceptible to breakage.

There are a sufficient number of ball bearings in this reel and they ensure the reel glides smoothly in your hands. As an added advantage, there is an oil hole in this reel which makes oiling of frictional parts accessible. This is quite unlike other reels where the entire reel has to be disassembled for oiling. 

The durable corrosion-resistant features of this reel make it capable of being used in fresh as well as saltwater. These are the reasons this reel is so well admired by anglers.


  • This reel is very strong and durable and can be used in both freshwater and saltwater environments
  • The drag system is supremely powerful and can handle fish as heavy as 18 Lbs
  • The drag system has a robust structure built with three-layered carbon drag washers
  • There is an aluminium handle for extra leverage which greatly enhances the performance of this reel
  • There are corrosion resistant ball bearings and a special hole for oil lubrication which doesn’t require disassembling of parts
  • The double line winding shaft has improved the winding abilities for this reel
  • This reel has an aluminium thumb bar which is a great improvement over the plastic thumb cap offered by most reels
  • This reel is very comfortable to use and is well regarded by anglers for the ease it has brought to getting hefty fish
  • This reel is quite affordable and is worth every dollar you pay


  • Although this reel promises excellent comfort, some anglers find it uncomfortable to hold and operate 
  • There is some irregularity in the functioning of the brakes of this reel 
  • due to which it tends to make excessive noise at times
  • The gears for this reel have been reported to excessively grind at times during the operation. 

Abu Garcia Black Max Baitcasting Reel 

Abu Garcia Black Max has excellent casting abilities and promises to never make your arms tired. For the high quality this reel offers, there isn’t a requirement of heavy maintenance and support. The reel is extremely comfortable to use with its graphite structure which is solid as well as lightweight. 

The light-weight ensures that the reel won’t go hard on your arms as you make long casts all day. The tough drag system for this reel is superior in quality and offers the most powerful performance for baitcasters. The drag system has a special disk drag feature for enhanced performance.

The gear system is equally robust and has an incorporated gear ratio of 6:1 which is very efficient in handling the most stubborn fish. Like all other extraordinary features, the gear for this reel is highly durable and built from brass. 

The five stainless steel ball bearings in this reel ensure that their retrieves are smooth and the casting is effortless. The improved corrosion-resistance features of this reel make it capable of being used in saltwater as well. 


  • The graphite structure for this reel renders it superbly lightweight and solid at the same time 
  • The gear is made of brass which makes it extremely durable and efficient in function
  • The drag system gives a powerful performance and has a special disk drag feature 
  • The gear ratio of 6:1 enables this reel to catch the toughest fish 
  • The stainless steel ball bearings render this reel a smooth function and make it relatively noiseless
  • This reel lest you make long casts with the most ease 
  • The durable structure of this reel requires minimum maintenance even when handled rough
  • This reel is known for not suffering much backlash

Perfect resistance to corrosion makes it possible to use this reel just as well in saltwater

Decide Upon the Best Baitcasting Reel to Suit Your Needs

Selecting a good reel is no easy task. It is very important to not get misguided by features that amount to no use in real action. You should be aware of the features which actually define the quality of a product and need due attention at the time of purchase. 

Select the Reel With the Right Gear Ratio 

Beginners are often not aware of the implications of gear ratio in a reel’s performance. A gear ratio defines whether your reel will provide you high power or a higher amount of speed. Gear ratio physically refers to the number of times a spool turns around when the handle is rotated a single time. The reels with a high gear ratio will provide you with a higher speed of retrieval. This will work well against relatively smaller fish. Reels with a lower gear ratio will provide you the high power required for reeling in larger and more powerful fish. The gear ratio will immediately affect your reel’s efficiency of line retrieval. 

Select the Reel Which You Can Operate Comfortably 

Nevertheless, comfort is supreme when it comes to baitcasting reels. You cannot throw proper cast or reel in hefty treats when the fishing reel doesn’t sit comfortably in your hand. Consider the fact that you may have to hold this rod and reel combination all day. It is essential that your reel is light enough to be easily held and compact enough to be compatible with your fishing rod. 

It is important to test a baitcasting reel for comfort before making the purchase. Get the thing in your hand and check the handles, the thumb caps, and even the tensioners. See how accessible are the buttons of the reel and if they get stuck on continuous use. It is extremely important to ensure that the reel won’t just tire you out without indulging in any fight. 

Check the Spool Size 

The size of the spool varies with the type of fish you decide to target. You cannot catch all varieties of fish with one spool even though the same reel may work for many of them. Small and lightweight fish will do well with a lightweight spool. But large and hefty fish will require a spool that matches their strength. You must have a big spool of heavy and solid lines that can effectively retrieve such fighter fish. 


KastKing Royale Legend has a tough and lightweight aluminium structure and a high-speed gear ratio which makes it perfect for reeling in the most stubborn fighters. Anglers ought to train hard in order to use this reel most effectively. Users often complain about the uncomfortable thumb cap in this reel which is relatively the most comfortable feature of Piscifun Torrent Baitcasting Reel. Users report the best of features in the Abu Garcia Black Max baitcasting reel. 

The above reels are built to never disappoint a dedicated angler. Beset to throw casts longer than you’ve imagined and reel in fish heftier than you thought. And that too, for less than 50 bucks! 

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