Best Baitcasting Reels Under $200

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For Longer Casts and Greater Satisfaction 

There is nothing better than a good baitcasting reel for getting the toughest fighting fish out of water. It is even better when you get the best baitcasting reel at a very affordable price. This may seem absurd because there are all varieties of fishing reels in the market and it seems that the more expensive ones are more excellent. 

This is a general scheme of tricking capitalist consumers. It is not definite that a pricier baitcasting reel would be better and a cheaper would be worse. A less expensive reel could probably have more genuine and essential features to ensure a fishing trip of long casts. While all the extra features in the gem-studded reels might never even come to use in real life. If you are a new angler, you should always go for the more affordable variety of fishing gear. Most features of the expensive fishing equipment are made for more experienced anglers who have already exhausted all the normal techniques and joys.

The Best Baitcasting Reels Under $200 

Lew’s Speed Spool LFS Baitcasting Reel 

This reel is widely admired for its ease of use and ability to throw the most glorious casts. The structure of this reel is very strong and durable. At the same time, this reel is very light in weight. High-quality materials have been used in the construction of this reel despite its otherwise low price. 

These materials include the graphite plates which further enhance the toughness and durability of this reel. This reel also has a U-shaped spool which is specially anodized and machine forged for toughness and resilience. You can rely on the strength of each part of this reel while performing at your best.

The brass gearing for this reel is rendered super strong by the use of brass in its construction. This well-built structure is a testament to the excellent quality offered by this reel. These strong and lightweight materials also ensure that the reel doesn’t go heavy on your arms while making those admirable casts. 

All this magnificent construction amounts to the incomparable performance that this reel is capable of. You will be able to have full control over your casts and reel in the toughest fish. 

One significant feature of this baitcasting reel is the magnetic control system. This system is responsible for letting you make easy and quick adjustments to your lures according to the changing weather conditions. 


  • This reel allows you to have excellent control over your casting technique and the length of your casts 
  • The magnetic control system in this reel is responsible for rendering you incomparable control over casting performance even when you have to quickly change the settings to suit the changing weather 
  • The material of construction for this reel is durable, strong, and also light in weight 
  • Excellent strength is offered by the brass gears, the anodized spool, and the tough graphite plates 
  • This reel is simple to use and can be easily operated by beginners 
  • This reel comes at a very affordable price for its quality 


  • Many uses report that the crank for this reel is more stiff than necessary 
  • The drag system for this reel has also been reported to not be very effective

Abu Garcia Revo X Low Profile Baitcasting Reel

This low profile baitcasting reel has coupled superior performance with unmatchable comfort. You are offered excellent control over casting along with incomparable smoothness. You’ll be able to land casts longer than your previous abilities and reel in fish larger than you had thought of. 

The enhanced smoothness of this reel is the result of about seven stainless steel ball bearings that effectively deliver a superbly smooth and efficient casting and retrieving action. Stainless steel ball bearings are always better than ordinary bearings owing to their inherent resistance to corrosion. More number of ordinary bearings would not match in smoothness with even three stainless steel bearings. This is why this reel’s function is unimaginably smooth. The bearings also have a high-quality roller along to add icing to the cake. 

One additional quality of this reel is its reliability and accuracy. It is a promise that this reel will only add more grace to your casts. Unlike many other reels you would have come across, Abu Garcia Revo X is very strong and this strength is owed to its special X2 alloy frame design. This material is very resistant to corrosion and offers high durability despite the regularity of usage. 

The longevity of this reel is further enhanced by the presence of a brass gear. The brass gear also has a dragger function so that you never miss out on any fish you hook. The gear for this reel also has a carbon drag system. The quality of the gears is enhanced even more with the advanced D2 design which makes it even more effective. 


  • This reel is known for its consistent performance and super smooth action 
  • You can rely on this reel for always exaggerating you attempts to their best 
  • Your accuracy and ease of casting will be greatly enhanced with this reel 
  • The incomparable smoothness of this reel is the result of seven stainless steel ball bearings and one roller bearing 
  • The low profile of this reel renders ease of handling 
  • The solid design and construction of this reel ensures its longevity 
  • It is difficult to find reels with an X2 alloy frame for such a low price 
  • This reel has excellent corrosion resistance which is comparable to many high-end baitcasting reels 
  • The drag system for this reel is super efficient and is enabled by a D2 gear design, carbon matrix system, and also brass construction
  • It is relatively easy to operate this reel even for beginners 
  • This company also ensures a fast delivery service on all orders 


  • There are other more affordable baitcasting reels in the market 

Sougayilang Baitcasting Reel

This is one of the most highly rated baitcasting reels in America. Built from excellent quality materials, this reel is sturdy, durable, and also lightweight. This rare and high-quality combination comes at a very affordable price.

The special qualities of this reel include the double line winding shafts for incomparable ability to thoroughly wind the line and the enhanced accuracy while throwing long casts. 

This reel is appropriately built for landing small-sized fish that require more speed of retrieval than power while reeling in. This is because such fish don’t give a fight but rather tend to escape the catch with a swift movement. A fast retrieval speed can reel in the fish super fast. This action is additionally enhanced by the very efficient 18 Lb drag system incorporated in this reel. Such a powerful drag is accompanied by the magnetic tuned dual brakes to make baitcasting supremely efficient and productive. 

The overall function of this reel is very smooth and this is owed to the twelve stainless steel ball bearings added in its design. The implications of high-quality ball bearings are always brilliant. This reel makes it possible to throw long casts in a very smooth manner. You can imagine the ease offered by this smoothness if you have encountered jerky baitcasting reels before. 


  • This reel has an effectively smooth and powerful design 
  • The smoothness is owed to the twelve ball bearings in this reel 
  • This reel also has double winding shafts which provide great ability to wind the line thoroughly during operation
  • The sturdy materials of construction ensure durability and resistance to corrosion 
  • It is possible to be extremely accurate and confident with a very reliable baitcasting reel such as this
  • This reel is even more perfect for catching small and medium-sized fish 
  • Its gear ratio is appropriate for a fast retrieval action 
  • The drag power offered by this reel is excellent and amounts up to 18 Lb
  • There are magnetic dual brakes in this reel for enhanced performance in baitcasting 
  • For its excellent features, this reel is quite affordable 


  • Some users report that this reel looks and feels cheap 

Choose the baitcasting reel best suited to your purpose 

Anglers generally prefer baitcasting reels because of their excellency in catching almost every possible target. The exhilaration that accompanies long casts is also incomparable. Baitcasting reels have several benefits over other reels, that is why it is a big deal to get a good one for a low price. 

The heavy line of baitcasting reels is kept straight by carefully placed line guides. Heavy lines are essential for casting heavy lures and aiming at hefty fish. Then comes the most admirable feature. Of course, you are a fan of baitcasting reels for their ability to make long and graceful casts. Compared with any other type of reel, baitcasting reels give you more power and control over casting and retrieving. Moreover, the lesser frequency of line twists associated with these reels is a boon.

Your Reel’s Gear Ratio Will Define It Speed of Retrieval 

The gear ratio refers to the number of rotations the spool undergoes when the handle of the reel is turned one time. This ratio will decide whether your baitcasting reel executes a high speed of retrieval or a higher power. The gear ratio for baitcasting reels usually lies on the upper side for higher retrieval speeds. 

The choice of gear ratio will mainly depend upon the type of fish you are aiming at. The fish that offer more struggle need to be pulled harder with lower gear ratios. Likewise, the fish that tend to swiftly flee after being hooked are caught better on baitcasting reels with high gear ratios.

Low gear ratios will deliver high torque and keep the bait for a longer time in the strike zone. High gear ratios will bring the fish to you at a faster rate. 

Experienced anglers suggest a middle-range gear ratio for an all-rounder performance. A gear ratio around 6.4:1 will allow you to go for a variety of fish and you’ll not need to buy special fishing gear for every fish you decide to aim at. 

Select the Reel With a Comfortable and Accessible Handle 

The size of the handle for your baitcasting reel is more important than you think. A small handle may work well for compact reels meant to catch small fish. But larger fish require more torque to be handled effectively. And larger torque is only availed by large-sized reel handles. 

Make Sure Your Reel’s Spool Size Is Enough 

Your reel’s spool size also depends on the type of fish you are aiming at. It will be easier to manage the smaller coils of a larger spool than the numerous coils rendered by a thin and long spool. 

Check That the Material of Your Baitcasting Reel Is Adequate 

An ideal baitcasting reel will be strong as well as lightweight. Go for construction materials like aluminium and magnesium. Even advanced materials like carbon composite provide ample sturdiness and durability. You should also make sure that the bearings used in your reel are built from corrosion-resistant materials. Go for stainless steel or ceramic bearings which will render your reel more effective smoothness even in small numbers. 

A Good Baitcasting Reel Needs a Reliable Braking System 

Your reel’s ability to control the casts and retrievals depends upon its braking system. A good braking system will slow down the line at the end of the cast when it is being carried further by the wind. Likewise, a tension knob will regulate the line when the cast is just thrown. 

Lew’s Speed Spool LFS is an easy-to-use and supremely efficient baitcasting reel but some users have encountered minor problems with its quality of operation. Relatively,  Abu Garcia Revo X Low Profile has no demerits to its name and is considered the best baitcasting reel in the market. Sougayilang is an equally excellent choice and is even more affordable. All these reels have been handpicked out of the vast variety of baitcasting reels in America. One of these could make you a champion for a day and for many days to come. 

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