Best Baitcasting Reels under 100

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To cast farther and better 

Although baitcasting reels appear to be more complex than spinning reels, they undoubtedly avail you the best control over your line. Unlike spinning reels, baitcasting reels can be used in whichever conditions and with whatever lures to effectively catch everything you aim at. 

Baitcasting reels offer unlimited power and accommodate more amounts of a fishing line than spinning reels do. It is also widely known that baitcasting reels have far better drag systems. 

If you aim to target the biggest fish, nothing will work better than a bait caster. Moreover, the superior backing system of baitcasting reels works efficiently in reducing the backlash. 

We Have Brought You the Best Baitcasting Reels Under 100

KastKing Royale Legend Baitcasting Reel 

Weighing at 7.2 Oz. KastKing Royale Legend comes with an easily adjustable braking system and a powerful and efficient drag. This reel is especially loved for its versatility and superior performance at a lower cost. You can use this reel for delivering baits and for throwing innumerable casts as well. 

Loved by beginners and experienced anglers alike, this reel is everything you’d require a bait caster for. You can go on fishing frenzies in lakes or delve in shallow inshore expeditions and freely rely on KastKing Royale Legend. 

The construction of this reel is sturdy and lightweight. The base material is durable graphite and the majority of gear is made of aluminum. All the aluminum gear has been heat-treated to acquire maximum strength out of the lightweight metal. The main shaft of the reel and the kick lever are made out of stainless steel. This thoughtful construction enables this reel to perform much like the more expensive baitcasting reels.

The gear ratio is high at 8.1:1 and ensures fast retrievals. There are 12 ball bearings in total and the drag capacity is up to 17 lbs. High retrieval speed enables this reel to efficiently catch the biggest prizes your eyes taste. 

A sufficient number of ball bearings ensure a smooth reel function and the braking system is magnetic. You’ll be very impressed by the casting distance this reel is capable of attaining. This reel is also available in models with lower gear ratios that’ll deliver more power.


  • The reel has a small profile and the built is sturdy to provide a lightweight, solid, durable, and reliable equipment
  • The overall construction offers the best quality operation along with minimum weight for comfort
  • The reel works efficiently and smoothly without very disturbing noises
  • The casting distance is very great for a reel of this size
  • And attached side cover enables the angler to be more focussed
  • This reel is very versatile and can be effectively used in both deep and shallow water
  • Both beginners and experienced anglers can use this reel effectively 
  • The high drag capacity allows this reel to get the biggest fish


  • Many users complain that this reel doesn’t go well with ultralight fishing rods and lures

Pflueger President XT Baitcasting Reel

Weighing at 6.8 Oz. This reel is considered the most versatile from amongst its counterparts. With a low profile construction and the best-known performance for reels in this range, Pflueger President XT works well in a variety of environments. This reel is best for topwater spinners, spoons, and even for trolling. 

Unlike other baitcasting reels, this one can be used effectively with lighter fishing rods because of its narrow profile and lightness of structure. The magnetic braking system allows you to throw long casts without the need of thumbing the spool repeatedly. The high gear ratio of 7.2:1 makes this reel very fast in retrieval. It will be easy for you to control the toughest fish with one turn of the handle because of the suitable gear ratio. You’ll also notice that the construction of the reel is well suited to the comfort of the user. The position and length of the handles, the position of the knobs, the ease of holding are all factors that contribute to the angler’s comfort. 

The overall construction is solid and well suited to a relaxing angler on a day fishing trip. Although the handle for this reel doesn’t have as much torque as it should, the fish can still be pulled in easily. You’ll not encounter the loud and disturbing reel sounds and the whole operation will go rather smooth. 


  • This may be considered the most versatile baitcasting reel in this range
  • The construction is well suited to the angler’s comfort
  • The retrieval rate is fast enough to reel in the toughest fish 
  • The handle for this reel has a comfortable cork at the tips for comfort
  • The sufficient number of ball bearings render quietness to the reel function and allow quality smoothness in operation
  • This reel is more lightweight than other baitcasting reels in this range
  • The overall construction is sturdy and durable 


  • The handle for this reel does not have sufficient torque 

Shimano Caenan A Baitcasting Reel

You’ll realize that this may be the cheapest good quality baitcasting reel. Shimano Caenan A weighs at 7.2 Oz and has the best features you can desire. There are efficient good quality parts in the reel that compare well to rather highly-priced baitcasting reels. 

The most attractive feature of this reel is the aluminum spool that is die-cast and balanced so that there is no vibration or unwanted noise during the reel’s operation. The drag system for this reel also has several wins over conventional baitcasting reels. A special ball bearing in the drag system functions like an anti-reverse bearing and effectively prevents backward winding of the line. 

The base material for this quality reel is graphite composite. This answers the question about its superior performance and lightweight. This strong material is durable and lasts longer. Although the framework of this reel isn’t a single piece, the reel is still strong and reliable. 

The gear ratio is 6.3:1 and the maximum drag capacity is 11 lbs. This makes the reel slightly less powerful than other comparable options. But the centrifugal braking system effectively reduces backlash and makes the operation of this reel much easier. The casts are rather more controlled and well-aimed in this reel than other baitcasting reels.

Although the gear ratio ranges in the middle, it works excellently for the right species of fish. Jerkbaits and crankbaits work very well with this reel. However, the drag power may not be sufficient if you wish to get bigger and heavier fish. 


  • This reel contains a centrifugal braking system which is very efficient in controlling backlash
  • The die-cast aluminum spool reduces vibration and noise. The reel is rather smooth even though the number of ball bearings is less.
  • The few numbers of ball bearings have also been placed very tactfully to avail maximum benefit and effectiveness
  • The middle range of gear ratio makes this reel perfect for specific fish varieties 
  • The body weight is light and the quality of operation is superior
  • The braking system is centrifugal which is rare in the reels under this range 
  • It is easy to operate


  • Although the reel is overall sturdy, there isn’t a single-piece frame which may pose a problem to anglers who want more solid bait casters
  • This reel does not have the adequate drag capacity requisite for catching heavier fish 

A Good Baitcasting Reel is Defined By These Specific Features

One should look into the material of construction and the weight aspect of their baitcasting reel. The drag system should be powerful enough to land your target fish and the rate of retrieve should be just as appropriate. Go for an adequate number of ball bearings and efficient braking systems. Make sure the line capacity for your baitcasting reel doesn’t fall short of requirement and that the means of operation is comfortable. 

Pay Attention to All the Features of Your Prospective Baitcasting Reel

Make sure that your baitcasting reel is lightweight. This is because it will become difficult to operate even a slightly heavy reel for a long duration. The weight of the reel is dependent on the material of construction. Go for graphite or composite based baitcasting reels with adequate spool sizes. 

The line for bait casters is heavier than other reels and so the spool sizes are bigger. A good baitcasting reel will have an adequately high gear ratio and a good rate of retrieval. This helps in handling the line. 

Go For Excellent Drag Systems

A drag system’s primary function is to keep the spool pressed so that the line is held tight and the fish doesn’t get a chance to escape. A good drag system prevents the fishing line from breakage. Check whether your baitcasting reel has a front or a rear drag system. The rear drag system is relatively easier to handle. 

More Number of Ball Bearings Will Ensure Smoother Action 

Ball bearings are responsible for ensuring a smooth function of the reel. They are present in between all the moving parts of the reel and serve to reduce the frictional forces that might create roughness. Good baitcasting reels have a large number of ball bearings to ensure good quality operation. Stainless steel and ceramic ball bearings work most efficiently. 

Baitcasting Reels May Have Centrifugal, Magnetic, or Combined Braking Systems

A baitcasting reel with a centrifugal braking system will work on a different principle than the one that uses a magnetic braking system. In a centrifugal braking system, the line is let out based upon the strength with which the cast is thrown. The centrifugal brakes are engaged by the energy of the throw. 

The magnetic braking systems use magnets that have to be set by the angler before the cast is thrown. There are also combined braking systems that allow the angler to make the best use of both types of braking systems. The centrifugal brakes are employed at the time the cast is thrown and the magnetic brakes mark the end of the throw. 

Ensure That Your Baitcasting Reel is Easy to Use 

An uncomfortable baitcasting reel could fatigue your hands and forearms. If you don’t wish to laze away from your favorite sport, make sure your reel has a comfortable handle. Prefer a rubber handle with cushioned construction and the thumb cap may even be plastic. An oversized handle will be more comfortable and efficient than a smaller one. 

Go For Reels With Sufficient Line Capacity 

More line capacity will enable you to go on in case the fish decides to take a run. Bigger line capacity is adequately compatible with the superior casting abilities of a baitcasting reel. It is also easier to prevent backlash when the line is sufficient. 

Expensive Reels May Not Be the Best in Quality 

Remember that a good reel doesn’t need to be expensive, as an expensive reel doesn’t need to be the best. Go for the reels that deliver the best performance with the best possible features at an affordable rate. Always choose the reels that come with a warranty. 


Shimano Caenan A may not fulfill your requirement for a more sturdy reel with a larger drag capacity. You’ll want to consider other reels that offer more drag power required in catching larger fish. There are also sturdier reels that come in one-piece. 

Pflueger President XT has all prominent good features. The only problem is the torque in the handle. Users complain that the torque isn’t enough for landing fish smoothly. 

In our opinion, KastKing Royale is the best baitcasting reel under $100 if used appropriately with the right fishing rod and lures. This reel is versatile, solid, and durable. Moreover, the line capacity and drag power is well suited to catch big fish. Go for the right baitcasting reel and have a stupendous time on the water. 

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