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5 Best Automatic Fly Reels handpicked from the best

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Fishing is probably one of the most widespread hobbies across the world. The reason behind this isn’t the number of fish you catch or the admiration that drives you to catch the biggest of fishes. It’s the simple pleasure of fishing to fish. Not just for money, fame or food, fishing is one of those sweet little delights of life that give you a joyful reason to cheer up and look towards the sunny side. 

So what do you need for a successful fishing trip, besides a cheerful heart that shines with the blazing sun? Fishing reels, and not just any fishing reels, we’re talking about the ones that fit you like a well shaped glove. 

While manual fishing reels and semi automatic reels have been the talk of town since years, it’s the automatic fly reels that are the most efficient and easy to use. 

The mechanism of these automatic fly reels is pretty simple. Just set the hook right and go back to the fishing line as soon as the fish takes your intended bait. The trigger-system is one of the major reasons why automatic reels are preferred. It provides the joys of fishing without the hassle that comes along with it. 

Different Automatic Fly Reels come with different features, some of which will leave you gasping for more information. Triggers and instant fishing, all sound very appealing so you need to dig deeper into the nitty gritty of these beautiful creations. 

In four short words: Automatic fly reels are awesome. So to infuse awesomeness to your fishing journey, here’s a short list of 5 best of the best automatic fly reels that will rouse your inner fisherman.

Pflueger Automatic Fly Reel

best automatic fly reels

The name Pflueger is synonymous with quality for money. So it’s only natural that the world’s top rod and reel manufacturers do not disappoint with their automatic fly reel.

Pflueger Automatic Fly Reel is one of the most renowned automatic fly reels of the decade. From an unbiased personal point of view, this is the most affordable reel that justifies the value to its price. Fantastic features at a reasonable price is one of many characteristics of this reel.

While there have been huge controversies about how useful this reel is, no one can refute the fact that for the price that revolves around $34 it doesn’t compromise on the principle of value for money. 

If we look at the Reel’s specifications, it has a sturdy Aluminium Alloy frame as well as an equally useful spool. Steel surface of the main spring and foot to line-guard steel casing along-with its 7/8-inch width makes it a reliable companion for that fishing trip we discussed! 


  • A world renowned manufacturer’s guarantee 
  • The line control on this reel is magnificent.
  • The level of corrosion that stings the reel, touches it at a very slow rate.
  • Because of its heavy stature and sturdy exterior, it can carry huge loads without damaging its internal drive.
  • It carries a pretty exterior and a streamlined interior.


  • Due to the aforementioned heavy build, this reel is quite heavy and can be a bit tricky for newbies to handle.
  • The brunt faced by your arm as well as the repercussions of the reel can leave a taxing effect on your body.


A reel of this structure and stature is great for people who are accustomed to a typically heavier reel and rod.

Auto Fisher YoYo Fishing Reels by White

I’ll just confess that Auto Fisher YoYo fishing reels are a personal favourite for me. One of the major reasons for my bias is that it doesn’t make my pocket sob while my heart laughs. For a minimal amount of $25 you get six high quality reels that do absolutely everything that any other high end automatic reel would do. More for less? I’m in!

Auto Fisher is constructed in a way that appeals to people who might be new to the fishing business. The ring that hangs on the top makes the grip super easy. Have you heard of galvanization of metals? It’s nothing but a protective zinc covering over the metal to prevent corrosion. This reel comes complete with a protective galvanized coating that keeps the corrosion away. 

It’s easy to use and comes with a nylon cord to drag in those fish that give you an arm workout while you’re fishing. A plus point? It has a killer trigger so you can ease your arm and back to a resting position. 

Another one of major catches (forgive the poorly made fish pun, won’t you?) is that the spring is hardened in heat and will allow you to catch all kinds of fish, be it big or small… even those super creepy ones that look like they’re out for bloody vengeance. 


  • Galvanized steel structure that fights rust and early corrosion.
  • A nylon cord that spools the entire reel with agility.
  • Very affordable and recommended for those looking to go for the cheaper end of reels.
  • Flexible ring size that expands to extra large for the purpose of effective suspension.


  • The basic installation process takes time. The hook in particular soaks in a lot of time and effort. 
  • The build, while good enough, is nowhere near the top quality reels that are more along the high end of fishing reels.


If you’re looking for a fix of quick, cheap and easy fishing experience then you need this reel.

Piscifun Sword Fly Fishing Reel

Are you a major fish nerd? Are you one of those fish-curious people who know their reels from their rods and yet are grounded enough to touch their intermediate status quo? Piscifun Sword Fly Fishing Reel might be just the reel you need!

With an impressive array of inbound specifications and details that will make any fish geek drool, Piscifun takes reels to the next level. If we get to the details of this package, the reel includes a CNC enabled system and an Aluminium Alloy body that will make you say “Oh yes!” at the first look.

As an added bonus to the specifics, this reel comes in the size range of 3/4 to 9/10 weights. As heavy as all of that sounds, believe me when I tell you that it’s not too techy and won’t eat up all of your brain. All you need to know is that it’s reliable and advanced enough to look for fish instead of boots in the sea/ocean you’re fishing in.


  • The particularly dense build of this reel gives it a strong look and feel.
  • For the protection of material of the reel, the outer surface is heavily anodized.
  • One of the key benefits of this reel is that it has the ability to prevent rust from settling permanently.
  • The driving principle of this reel is its mid arbor design that makes it stand out from its competitors.
  • It also allows a firm and steady grip via its gnarled handle.


  • If you’re aiming for the pro level then this might not be the best reel for you.
  • The tenacity of fish that swim fast make this hefty reel unsuitable for certain schools of fish.
  • The conflicting inertia and its inadequacy makes this reel a bad option for regular fishing.


If you’re somewhere in the middle of your fishing journey and pursue fishing as an escape from the 9-to-5 jungle then this reel is great for you.

Mechanical Fisher Automatic Fly Fishing Reel

Another one of my favourite reels, Mechanical Fisher Automatic Fly Fishing Reel is one of those reels that I absolutely swear by. Awesome specifics? Check. Value for price? Double check. Multipurpose Reel? Gazillion checks!

Mechanical Fisher’s reel is amongst the most diverse reels out there. You can catch the lightest of fishes or the heaviest of them by this reel. It comes with ten reels, that’s right, ten reels. And let’s not forget the amazingly thick and reliable metal cover. The nylon cord that stretches as the intensity of your hold increases, is one of the main factors that makes this reel special. 

All of that aside, the reason I love using this reel is that it’s easy on the hands and the eyes. You won’t have to struggle with the grip or hide it in a closet as it is modern and sleek in look and use. 


  • Due to its rugged and rich machine-fixated anatomy it serves a steady purpose.
  • The cord is highly flexible.
  • Trigger is efficient and timely in its execution.
  • This reel sports a generous fishing line as well as a gripping hook.


  • Bad weather takes a taxing toll on the build of this reel.
  • If you go for heavy fishes every time, the structure of the reel may wear out and break under the pressure.


Despite the shortcomings, this reel will be one of the most diverse reels throughout the time so go for it if you’re in the mood for exploring.

H&H Automatic Fishing Reel

A 12 pack deal makes H&H Automatic Fishing Reel accessible to best and the new crowd at the same time. Though it skews a bit towards the pro side, a newbie can try his luck with this reel. It certainly adjusts to the fisherman wielding it. 

Feeling too lazy to actually set a trap for the fishes? H&H has got you covered with its automatic snap-shut trap system. It also boasts giant rings that hang off the good side of fishing reels. Unlike most other reels, this reel has a quick and optimal installation process. Of course like any other good automatic fishing reel it swirls around a nylon cord and doesn’t breach the calibre of the protective layer. 


  • Most automatic reels come in a heavy setting but H&H has made an optimised lightweight reel that doesn’t compromise on quality.
  • The trigger quality is phenomenal with perfect timings for halt. 
  • For a firmer hold the diameter of the reel is expanded in width.
  • The retrieval is also speedy and easy. 


  • A significant factor that hampers the working of this reel is that it is susceptible to rust and corrosion.
  • While the wear and tear of this reel is comparatively lesser than the others, it isn’t invulnerable to decay and destruction.


This reel is built to sustain and survive the daily fishing activities so if you’re a regular at fishing then go for this reel.

Conclusion: What next?

Imagine this: The soft glare of sun caresses your face. You can feel the wind gently brushing by your arms, showering you with tender kisses as it drives past your cheeks. Your pet lies snoring by your side as you hold a fishing rod in your hand and a bucket that holds that day’s fishing treasure. Life is good. 

Okay now come back, beautiful dream, wasn’t it? You’re just a few steps away from that dream fishing trip. Yet without proper equipment you’ll be fish food in no time. 

Fishing can be a very interesting and at the same time economically efficient hobby. Whenever I’ve talked to different people who love fishing they have all agreed on one point – they fish because they love doing it. The satisfaction that comes along-with catching a fish is truly unparalleled. To achieve this very satisfaction, it’s important to select the right fishing reel. Automatic reels are the absolute problem solvers here. Maximum results with minimum efforts is the motto of automatic fly reels.

Don’t hurry through the process. Explore your options. Determine what you want. There are lots of automatic reels’ specifications that differ from reel to reel. Take the build for example, do you want a sturdy and strong build or a lightweight starter friendly build? Little questions like these will help you narrow it down to the reel you want. 

While you’re testing the features and benefits of your new reel don’t forget to have fun!

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