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Most anglers agree that 2 piece spinning rods are more comfortable to use and better in performance than 1 piece rods. While fighting a tough fish is not an easy job, managing the splashy affair with a bad spinning rod could be a disaster. This is why you absolutely need the best 2 piece spinning rod for your pursuit of shiny beings. 

Selecting adequate equipment for your fishing trip is not an easy job either. One needs to have a little knowledge about the essential features and criteria. We have selected the best 2 piece spinning rods for you. We have also rendered extra ease to your search by curating a buying guide. Every spinning rod in our list is bound to amaze you with its specialities. 

Best 2 piece spinning rods for the year 2022

Shimano Solora 2 Piece Spinning Rod

best 2 piece spinning rod

This ultimate 2 piece spinning rod is considered the best of its kind. Shimano Solora is not only excellent in performance but also exceptionally easy to use. So much that it is widely recommended to beginners. 2 piece spinning rods are already much easier to use than 1 piece varieties. Shimano has put the cherry on cake by bringing you every admirable specification for a very genuine price. 

The structure of this rod is extremely durable and sturdy. This is owed to the resilient aero glass build which is inexpensive yet one of the strongest materials to equip a spinning rod with. In addition, the reel seat is built out of stiff and flexible graphite. One advantage of this material is the ability to sustain extra force applied on the reel. Even the line guides for this rod are best in strength because of their reinforced aluminium oxide construction. 

The utmost comfort for this rod is rendered by its special two piece handle which is divided into rear and fore grips. The cork construction is soft to touch and easy on hands. The handle for this rod has a special double grip design for a better casting performance. However, the best part about the 2 piece construction is the rod’s portability. 

You can easily disassemble the rod during transportation and fix it back up when in use. This rod is available in a range of lengths from 5 to 7 feet. Your perfect size depends upon your desired casting distance, the type of lure you want to use, and the type of fishing spot. Know that this fishing rod has a medium power rating and works best for moderate size. Moreover, it is a fast action 2 piece spinning rod for a very reasonable price. 


  • This special spinning rod by Shimano is very easy to use and works best for beginners 
  • The double grip on its handle provides extra comfort and better casting performance
  • The materials of construction for this rod are solid and dependable
  • The best thing is, it comes with a one year warranty


  • Many users report that this spinning rod is not as flexible as medium power rods ought to be 


If you have been searching for the best 2 piece spinning rod for beginners, this is it. This rod will offer commendable performance with certain ease of use for a reasonable price.

KastKing Perigee II Spinning Rod

This may be considered the best in quality and most versatile 2 piece spinning rod in the American market. The performance for this rod is obviously amazing and is owed to the best in class design and construction. 

The material of construction for this rod is carbon fiber which greatly enhances the strength and durability while maintaining the lightweightedness. In turn, the sensitivity of this rod is also commendable. It is rare to come across such solid 2 piece spinning rods with excellent designs and enormous strength to tackle the toughest scenarios. 

The sturdiness for this rod is further improved by its specially constructed reel seat that is ergonomically appropriate and essentially resistant to corrosion. Even the guides for this rod are made out of stainless steel along with special ceramic inserts that provide toughness in the face of challenges. These guides also significantly reduce the line friction.

You’ll be amazed how these tough components smoothen the overall function of this rod and make it capable of effective long distance casting. The casting control is further improved by the EVA split grips of handles that are also unbelievably comfortable. 


  • This is a sturdy, durable, lightweight, and sensitive 2 piece spinning rod 
  • The special KastFlex technology and the strong construction make it very dependable 
  • Moreover, this rod comes with a warranty of two years 


  • This rod may be powerful but it cannot handle heavy fish varieties 


This is a high quality 2 piece spinning rod and is available for a very affordable price. If you are looking for smooth function and high performance upon reliable gear, this rod must be your best choice.

Abu Garcia Vendetta Spinning Rod

If you are a person who wants their fishing experience to be more relaxing than a tough adventure, this is the best rod for you. For a very affordable price, Abu Garcia has brought you a very well constructed spinning rod that would render you the best comfort and the most refreshing time. 

This rod is made out of 30-ton graphite which is further adjoined by multidirectional carbon fibers for the superiorly lightweight performance. Such lightweightedness also makes this rod very sensitive. This means it is ideal for use along with light lures in catching fish that fast escape any possible attempt. Despite the light weight, this rod is very sturdy and powerful enough to handle the heaviest weights. 

The strength and the overall performance is further enhanced by the guides made of stainless steel and the special zirconia inserts. The reel seats are also sturdy and consist of special hoods to lock the reel firmly and keep it protected. The special handles for this rod are contour curved and include comfortable EVA grips for the ultimate ease. The overall design for this rod is very well balanced for effective use in casting. 


  • This rod is very strong in construction and durable in design
  • The performance is adequate and the comfort is admirable 
  • The special EVA grips on the handle and especially the contour curve play an immense role in enhancing the comfort for this rod 


  • Many users report that this rod is not as sensitive in function as expected 


Abu Garcia Vendetta is a very special spinning rod with a supremely efficient design that enhances the comfort of the user while executing powerful performance.

Fiblink Surf Spinning Rod

If you are looking for the best quality 2 piece spinning rod for the most affordable price, there is no answer more correct than Fiblink. This rod not only has a very reliable and durable construction, it also executes mind blowing performance. And all of this is available for a very less price. 

The best feature of this rod is its high sensitivity even in the most unfavorable conditions. The major material of construction for this rod is carbon fiber blank. The reel seats are also very sturdy and dependable. In addition, the guides are made of stainless steel and ceramic. The handle for this rod is supremely comfortable with its rubber shrink tube and special ferrule incorporation. 

The best part about this rod is its ultimate performance. For quite less than a fortune, this rod is capable of covering long casting distances. It is available in ten and twelves feet length options and you may choose depending upon your required casting distance. The high power rating lets you cast heavy lures upto big distances. 


  • This rod is supremely powerful and is available for a very less price
  • The construction for this rod is sturdy and the handling is supremely comfortable 
  • Long casting distances can be achieved effectively 


  • Many anglers report that this rod is more heavy than other comparable spinning rods 


This rod is perfect for experienced anglers who want genuine quality at affordable rates. It is not easy to find well performing and reliable spinning rods for this price.

Ugly Stik GX2 Spinning Rod

This special spinning rod by Ugly Stik is built to sustain the roughness and pressure that accompanies fishing. Although this rod is available for a very less price, its quality and features offer tough competition to the more expensive spinning rods. 

The construction material for this rod is a combination of high modulus graphite and fiberglass in a blank formation. The stainless steel guides further improve the strength and durability. Furthermore, these guides are especially resilient because of the stamped steel design and ceramic inserts. They can handle all sorts of lines with incomparable ease.

The toughness and the durability for this rod are praiseworthy. Moreover, the handle for this rod is superbly comfortable to use and is especially reliable in wet scenarios. Above all, the sensitivity for this rod is excellent and the casting performance is commendable. Know that even large sized fishes can be handled well with this very powerful spinning rod. Best of all, it comes with a seven year warranty.


  • Anglers are very well impressed by the sensitivity of this rod 
  • The strength and durability are also very excellent 
  • This is one of the best 2 piece spinning rods and is available for a very genuine price 
  • It comes with a seven year warranty


  • Some users report that this rod is not very flexible 


This rod can be adequately used by beginners as well as experienced anglers. The best possible features for spinning rods are offered with the best quality at the best price.

Know how to select the best 2 piece spinning rod 

Purchasing a good quality spinning rod is no easy deal. One has to pay attention to several important specifications before deciding upon the best rod for oneself. 

Assure that your rod is easy to operate 

Get yourself a spinning rod that is comfortable to handle and easy to operate so that you can catch your target in the most efficient manner. The best spinning rods have handles with nice grips that don’t slip on wet hands and don’t roughen up when operated with dry ones. 

See that the material of the rod is tough 

It is important to select the right materials of construction for your spinning rod. It is best to go for sturdy and reliable materials if you ought to fish for long durations. It is essential to be confident with your equipment during a sport. Nothing hurts enthusiasm more than a piece of equipment that fails at the best shot.

Select the right length of rod 

Determine what length of rod you really require. An open stream would require more length of rod than a constructed one. This feature also depends upon the length of the casts you are willing to throw. You require a longer rod for throwing long casts. However, a shorted rod will grant you more accuracy at shorter distances. 

Note the ease of assembly 

You ought to go for rods that are relatively easy to assemble. It is also important to note how well your rod is reinforced. A rod without adequate reinforcement is bound to bend and break owing to lesser flexibility. 

Go for brands that provide warranty 

Look at the duration of warranty provided by the manufacturer and check whether it covers all the essential parts of the rod. See if the spare parts for this equipment are available nearby.


All the above mentioned rods are the best 2 piece spinning rods you’d come across in America. All of them are available for affordable prices with attractive warranty periods. You ought to select the one that best suits your requirement. Get ready for the most impressive time on the lake. This time, your fishing rod will fit under your arm.

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